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Gaim 2.2.1

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2.2.1 (9/28/2007):
Richard: We have some new code in the pipeline, but it's not quite
ready for a general release. Instead, this is basically a bug fix

Luke: Unfortunately the necessity of this bug fix release means
some of the tickets that have been closed as part of the 2.2.1
milestone are not actually fixed yet. We have grabbed as many
of the changes as we could while avoiding those that are as
yet unstable though, and this should still be a marked
improvement over 2.2.0. We have spent a lot of time since the
last release looking at the tickets that have been submitted
and many of them have been closed.

Stu: I haven't NEWS'd in a while. I haven't actually done much for
too long also, maybe I'll find some time soon. This release is
basically what 2.2.0 should have been - it actually compiles this

Version 2.2.1 (09/29/2007):
NOTE: Due to the backporting that happened for the actual
release, it is possible bugs marked as fixed in 2.2.1
will not be fixed until 2.2.2.

* A few build issues on Solaris were fixed.
* Cancelling the password prompt for an account will no longer leave
it in an ambiguous state. (It will be disabled.)
* Fixed an erroneous size display for MSN file transfers. (galt)
* Fixed multiple memory leaks, particularly in XMPP and MySpace
* Fixed remembering proxy preferences and status scores
* Gmail notifications are better tracked

* Fixed keyboard tab reordering to move tabs one step instead of two.
* You should no longer lose proxy settings when Pidgin is restarted.
* Fixed detection of X11 when compiling

* Pressing 'Insert' in the buddylist will bring up the 'Add Buddy' dialog.

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