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Eudora 8.0.0 Beta 5

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Includes Penelope version 0.5a2.
Using Thunderbird 3.0b1 source code.
See for details.


- "Show message preview pane" setting added to Penelope pref panel. If on
(which it is by default), then the preview pane is shown at its last saved
position. If it's off then both the preview pane and the splitter before it
are hidden.

- Fixed bug where double-clicking on a mailbox in a folder view other than
"All Folders" (i.e. "Unread", "Recent", or "Favorites") would not open the

- Added prefs for opening mailboxes/messages in tabs rather than separate

- Fix for Bug 466046 - MsgOpenNewTabForMessage() broken when specifying a

- Added middle click to open folder/message in a tab.

- Fixed bug 429440 - Preview pane must be visible for tabs to render.

- Tabs are now hidden in the Mailboxes window.

- Prevent opening windows in tabs in the Mailboxes window.

- Added mail.tabs.autoHide setting, which hides the tab if there is just one
in a window (default value is true).

- Fix for Alt+click for group selection causing the menu to get the focus.

- Fixed bug where double-clicking on the scroll bar of the thread pane would
cause a message to be opened in a new tab.

- Fixed Transfer menu and Transfer mailbox buttons on toolbar.

- Added shift key modifier to the Transfer menu items and toolbar buttons to
do copy vs. move.

- Holding down alt/option when clicking on an open mailbox toolbar button will
now do a transfer.

- Keep thread pane scrolled to same place when switching tabs and back.


- Fixes to Mac Customize Toolbar dialog to allow it to open multiple times.

- Added "Cancel" functionality to the Customize Toolbar dialog on the Mac.

- Added the Restore Default Set button to Windows and Linux Customize Toolbar

- The default Penelope toolbar doesn't show text on the buttons, so when
restoring the toolbar to the default state set the mode to icons only.

- Fixed bug 417081 - Send Later toolbar button mapped incorrectly


- Extra settings now imported from Classic Eudora: default mail check, mail
check interval, skip big messages, skip big message threshold, submission port
send, and SSL send and receive.


- Fix for Bug 369964 "subscribe to IMAP folders window doesn't allow subscribing
to folders below 2nd level". Turns out Exchange doesn't like LIST commands
without a trailing % on the path.


- Fixed open In/Out mailbox toolbar buttons.

- Added Babelfish language translation to the default list of Selected Text
URL tools.

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