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Eudora 8.0.0 Beta 3

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CHANGES IN 8.0.0b3
Includes Penelope version 0.1a22.
See for Penelope version notes.
Using Thunderbird 3.0a1pre trunk code as of 2007/10/19:

- A Linux version of Eudora is now available!
- If you select a minimum amount of text before replying to a message, the
reply will only quote the selected text.

- Mac OS X address book integration turned on by default.

- Importing mailboxes from Classic Mac Eudora is greatly improved.

- When importing filters from Classic Eudora, filter actions which are not
currently supported in Thunderbird are preserved so that when they are
supported in future versions of Thunderbird they will be available to the
- When importing Eudora settings, more settings are mapped to
corresponding Mozilla settings. All Eudora settings are stored for future
interpretation without re-importing.
- Fixed bug where Windows Eudora importing would not prompt user for
correct location of data when data is not found.
- Fixed logic reversal bug that caused both Mac and Windows Eudora
address book importing to fail.

- Fixes for a variety of problems with unified who column. Local
mailboxes now compare against all POP accounts. Cross-folder views
(e.g., saved searches) now correctly determine the folder for the messages.
The search dialog results panel now follows the useWhoColumn pref.

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