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Eudora 8.0.0 Beta 1

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The following describes the changes in the software since Eudora 8.0. Separate
sections have been given to changes from each release since then. The changes
are only for Eudora and Penelope, and all changes made by Thunderbird are not
listed. Changes to Thunderbird can be found here:

CHANGES IN 8.0.0b1

Includes Penelope version 0.1a21.
Synced to the THUNDERBIRD_2_0_0_6_RELEASE code branch:


- Toolbar icons (and a few other icons) from the original Eudora were moved
to Penelope.

- Keyboard shortcuts from the original Eudora were moved to Penelope. You
can configure whether these shortcuts in Penelope or the original
Thunderbird ones are used in the Penelope panel of the Options/Preferences

- The menu structure of original Eudora has been copied to a great extent
in Penelope.

- Added the ability to display the list of mailboxes in a separate window
from the mailboxes themselves, which was similar to the original Eudora.
This can be configured in the Penelope panel of the Options/Preferences
dialog. Mailboxes opened in a separate window have their size/position
remembered and restored when opened up next.

- Double-clicking or hitting Enter/Return on a mailbox in the folders list
now opens up the mailbox in a separate window.

- The toolbar customization dialog was modified to be similar to the way it
was implemented in original Eudora.

- Modified the mailbox column headers to look like original Eudora's.

- The "Sender" column has been relabeled as "Who", and outgoing messages
display the name of the recipient there. This feature can be controlled by
the hidden pref "mail.useWhoColumn".

- You can quickly find messages in a mailbox by typing text in the list of
messages. As you type the selection in the mailbox will change based on
matching text in the Who and Subject fields. After finding a match you can
use the period key to find subsequent matches in the mailbox (and
Shift+period to find previous matches).

- Added the Group Select feature from original Eudora where if you hold down
the Alt key (option for Mac) and click the left mouse button down on an item
in the mailbox it will select all messages that have the same value as the
item clicked on, and all of those selected messages will be grouped together.
For example, Alt/option-clicking on the name of a sender of a message will
select all of the messages in that mailbox sent by that person, and move
the messages together. Note that the moving of messages in the mailbox list
will break the current sort of the mailbox. The Shift key can be used as a
modifier to make the selected messages remain in their original positions in
the mailbox list, and thus retain the current sort order.

- Importing mailboxes and messages from the original Eudora in to the new
Eudora has been substantially improved under Windows. Import times are now 5
times shorter. Basic message attributes and status are now maintained
(read/unread, priority, label). Inline images in messages now get moved over.
Includes fixes to the following bugs:
301188: "Import Eudora mail fails to find attachments in other directories"
368360: "Importer (Win Eudora, Mail) does not import mailboxes with unusual leading characters"
380408: "Mail Import Crashes with Divide by Zero"

- Now filters can be imported from original Eudora to the new Eudora. There
is not a one-to-one match up of original Eudora's filtering capabilities and
those found in Thunderbird, so not all filters will move over exactly.
Filters imported that will lose some capabilities will be warned about in a
list after the entire filter import process is complete. Also added was the
"Stop Filter Execution" action. This is the equivalent to original Eudora's
"Skip Rest" action which causes the filtering process to end for messages
that match the criteria in the filter with this action.

- Improvements to the importing of original Eudora Windows Address Books have
been made.
Includes fixes to the following bugs:
368626: "Importer (Win Eudora, Address Book). Mailing list nickname not assigned to 'nickname' in Penelope"
368630: "Importer (Win Eudora, Address Book). Variouos fields not mapped to Penelope Address Book fields"
368634: "Importer (Win Eudora, Address Book). Unable to import if Eudora is using '.nnt' format"
377816: "Importer (Win Eudora, Address Book) incorrectly adds additional entries when resolving nicknames in mailing lists"
377821: "Importer (Win Eudora, Address Book) fails to resolve nicknames with spaces when importing a mailing list"
377945: "Importer (Win Eudora, Address Book) misses information when importing an alias (mailing list with one entry)"

- Importing on the Mac now looks for a Eudora folder in the user's document
folder (i.e. ~/Documents) in addition to the System Folder and the System
Documents Folder.

- Added original Eudora-like IMAP auto-expunge behavior. This is controlled
by the hidden pref "mail.imap.expunge_option". It can have values for if
auto-expunging should occur never (0), always (1), or on a threshold (2). If
on a threshold is set, then auto-expunge will occur when there are at least
20 messages waiting to be expunged. The number of messages for that threshold
is actually controlled by the hidden pref "mail.imap.expunge_threshold_number".

- Added a "Refresh Folder List" item to the context menu for IMAP folders which
gets the current list of folders/mailboxes from the IMAP server and updates the
folder tree for that IMAP account.

- Added support for viewing only messages that are not deleted in IMAP
mailboxes. Use the "Not Deleted" item in the View->Messages menu or the
Mail Views control on the toolbar.

- New mail sound copied from original Eudora.

- Added "Make Address Book Entry" functionality (in Tools menu).

- Added the "SelectedTextURL" feature from original Windows Eudora, which allows
selected text to easily be inserted in to a URL and launched. Menu items for
them are located in the Tools menu, and they also get keyboard shortcuts
associated with them as well. Use the hidden prefs "penelope.selectedTextURL#",
where # is an increasing number in sequence. Here's the default values:
pref("penelope.selectedTextURL1", "Google,");
pref("penelope.selectedTextURL2", "Dictionary,");
pref("penelope.selectedTextURL3", "Thesaurus,");


- Fixed "Bug 161775 - Reply shouldn't quote inline attachments":

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