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ZoneAlarm 10.1.079

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ZoneAlarm 10.1.079  Girişi değiştir

  • Added: Remember this setting back into the Alerts
  • Added: List view sorting for Programs list
  • Added: Program Trust level can be set from the Program list view again
  • Fixed issue: Antivirus Logging enabled in some cases after installation
  • Fixed issue: Display issue with treatment of riskware in archives
  • Fixed issue: In some cases an Antivirus scan was started after every reboot
  • Fixed issue: Display problem with some Application firewall rules
  • Fixed issue: Program list view icons are not always displaying correctly in localized versions
  • Fixed issue: Default program control setting should be Auto mode
  • Fixed issue: Program list "kill" mode icon not displayed correctly
  • Fixed issue: No warning is displayed when a program is set to "kill"
  • Fixed issue: AntiSpam version not displayed in Vista/Win7
  • Fixed issue: Various other improvements and fixes

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