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ZoneAlarm  Girişi değiştir

  • Browser security toolbar now supports Firefox 7 (prior versions of Firefox are not supported)
  • Fixed issue: antivirus updates sometimes failed for some users
  • New universal installer for all supported languages
  • New and improved notifications for antivirus Advanced Disinfections
  • New "Synchronize License" link is now in the Tools menu
  • Fixed issues that occurred in some instances:
    • Fixed issue: Application Control Expert Rules not working properly
    • Fixed issue: Not all Alert & Log settings persist after restart
    • Fixed issue: Advanced disinfection dialog error
    • Fixed issue: Expert Rule not blocking SSL properly
    • Fixed issue: Backup and Restore stop working after restarting
    • Fixed issue: Proxy settings are not correctly saved when updating from 9.x to 10.x
    • Fixed issue- License key is not always refreshed in UI
    • Fixed issue: IDLock is not enabled in ZoneAlarm Anti-virus
    • Fixed issue: Public / Trusted zone settings not displaying correctly
    • Fixed issue: Installer failed with error 127
    • Fixed issue: On startup, check for orphaned av.tmp files and then delete them
    • Fixed various other stability and usability fixes

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