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uTorrent 2.0.3

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uTorrent 2.0.3  Girişi değiştir

  • 2010-07-19: Version 2.0.3 RC build 20600)
    • Fix: fixed rare uTP crash when receiving a reset packet
  • 2010-07-15: Version 2.0.3 (build 20558)
    • Fix: fixed progress bar when downloading over HTTP directly to a file
    • Fix: crash in network thread
  • 2010-07-13: Version 2.0.3 (build 20516)
    • Change: clear dont fragment bit for UDP traffic
    • Change: lower the estimated path MTU 1393 bytes
  • 2010-07-09: Version 2.0.3 (build 20501)
    • Change: revert all changes to defaults around show add torrent window (to 2.0.2 semantics)
    • Fix: set dont fragment bit for UDP traffic
    • Fix: fixed uTP crash in rate limiter
  • 2010-07-01: Version 2.0.3 (build 20367)
    • Change: lowered half-open connection limit on post XP systems
    • Fix: connect overhead graph was broken
    • Change: lowered default connect speed from 10 to 7
    • Change: increase timeouts and have fewer re-sends when connecting to uTP peers. This reduces some overhead
    • Change: only rate limit local uTP sockets if both uTP sockets are limited and 'limit local peers' is set
  • 2010-06-24: Version 2.0.3 (build 20268)
    • Change: show add torrent dialog by default again
  • Fix: graph TCP rates when uTP is not rate limited, even when tcp_rate_control is off
  • Fix: fixed bug where "apply rate limit to uTP" would get unchecked by itself
  • Fix: fixed uTP crash on sockets being closed with uninitialized read buffers
    • Fix: default download directory fix for multifile torrents
  • 2010-06-18: Version 2.0.3 (build 20193)
    • Change: rate limit uTP by default
    • Fix: Fixed fast-resend bug in selective ack handling in uTP. This could cause too aggressive resends on packet loss
    • Change: fix crash when formatting a string with NULL
    • Change: make uTP slightly less aggressive on loss
    • Change: Mention uTP in settings and reorganize new bandwidth checkbox since they apply to both up and down limits
  • 2010-06-11: Version 2.0.3 (build 20091)
    • Change: Render TCP rates in speed graph when uTP is not throttled
    • Change: Moved net.calc_overhead to the Bandwidth settings pane
    • Change: Turn on uTP throttling when scheduler is in "limited" mode
    • Fix: Fixed a delayed ack issue in uTP (lowers overhead)
    • Fix: made magnet links in RSS feeds work
    • Change: made uTP packet size increase based on low delay measurements
    • Fix: made uTP packet size depend on total send rate, not just uTP send rate
    • Change: new advanced settings net.disable_ipv6 that defaults to True on 64bit Windows
    • Change: Don't show add torrent dialog by default.
    • Feature: Add checkbox to disable UDP trackers
    • Change: Sharper help graphic
    • Fix: fixed crash while adding torrents - if more than 100 are added concurrently it will be done silently

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