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uTorrent 1.1.7

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2005-10-21: Version 1.1.7 (build 288)

  • Fix: Ipfilter was off by default (and there was no way to enable it).
  • Fix: True/False boxes in advanced settings page wern't hidden when window is loaded.
  • Fix: Advanced settings dialog would crash if you double clicked outside of the list.
  • Fix: deadlock if utorrent was shutdown apruptly.
  • Change: Compute ratio as uploaded/total_size instead of uploaded/downloaded for seeding tasks.
  • Fix: Start seeding checkbox in Create Torrent dialog was buggy.
  • Feature: Added search engine feature.
  • Change: Create Torrent dialog generates less pieces in "Autosize" mode.
  • Fix: ipfilter.dat didn't work.
  • Fix: Increase the amount of laziness for lazy_bitfield.
  • Change: Redesigned seeding priority system.
  • Feature: Added option to hide µTorrent from the tray.
  • Feature: Increase # of uploads if uploading is slow.
  • Fix: Ignore case when sorting torrents.
  • Feature: Show tray popup if there's a download error.
  • Feature: Single click on tray icon.

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