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Soluto 1.3.438.0 Beta  Girişi değiştir

New stuff:
* Skype installation and configuration: Install and configure Skype directly via your Soluto dashboard. Create a new user, or update user credentials and login.
* Hard drive remedies: See HD health status, drill down to see the type of files on the partition, clear space & run disk defrag. Storage drill-down is based on Windows Libraries ("Picture", "Videos", "Documents", etc.).
* New invitation status: Allows you to see the different states of the invitation process (Add Someone). You can also change the user avatar, or click "Download" to download immediately if you're next to the PC (Install on this PC)
* Change your email preferences within your profile page
* New installation complete screen, directing you to your online dashboard to view the PC online. Please note this operation might take a while, and you might see the "Your PC's info is on it's way" message (if you keep seeing it, try to reboot the PC)
* Remote Actions screen on desktop agent redesign: Actions are now grouped by date/time groupings, by completion status and by action types
* Installer now allows in-place upgrades instead of having to uninstall previous version.
* Bug fixes:
- Dashboard now detects non PC users, and does not offer them to install on their on PC.
- Internet section did not show if the user's default browser is not Chrome, FireFox or Internet Explorer.
- Internet section would show "FireFox / Chrome is currently installed" if the user's default browser is in the alpha channel (e.g. FireFox 11).
- You might get a low disk space notification for recovery HD.
- Fixed an issue where sound distortions might sound when watching videos.

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