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# What's New:
- New activation page.
- More avatars! You can choose an avatar by hovering over the current avatar in your dashboard --> click the pencil --> click the orange colored avatar.
- Website speed improvements - pages should load much faster.
- Fixed an issue where 404 error PDF link did not load in Chrome.
- Fixed a bug where hardware icons were missing from the PC page.
- Fixed a bug where some avatars pictures were not shown.
- Fixed image positioning in local hard drives list.
- Started A/B testing on PC name and "Add My PC" link.
- Fixed an issue where crashes and frustrations showed a wrong time.
- Added limit for long user or machine name (15 chars).
- Fixed an issue where if you've disabled a browser add-on the next one could not be actionable.
- Fixed an issue where an invitation was not canceled, but the seat count went up.
- Fixed an issue where you could accidentally select multiple background apps.
- Fixed an issue where you couldn't close a background application item.
- Internet section: Fixed an issue where you could add an invalid URL as a home page.
- Fixed an issue where you had to put www in front of a URL in user profile.
- Fixed an issue where the firewall state did not update correctly after changing the firewall status (On/Off).
- No need for confirmation code (hurray!)

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