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phpBB 3.0.2

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phpBB 3.0.2  Girişi değiştir

  • [Fix] Ability to set permissions on non-mysql dbms (Bug #24955)
  • [Fix] Fixed blank style on setups having no username defined within config.php (Bug #25065)
  • [Fix] Made the compress_tar class tolerate archives that do not properly have their archived contents listed (Bug #14429 / thanks to JRSweets for his patch)
  • [Fix] Moved topics should not count towards the number of topics in a forum (Bug #14648 / thanks to Schumi for his patch)
  • [Fix] Properly check for invalid characters in MySQL DB prefixes during install (Bug #18775)
  • [Fix] Bring the PostgreSQL backup system back to working order (Bug #22385)
  • [Fix] Update correct theme for cached styles in style.php (Bug #25805)
  • [Fix] Also add PHPBB_INSTALLED check to download/file.php for inline avatar delivery
  • [Fix] Unable to login to some jabber server, reverted previous change (Bug #25095)
  • [Fix] Do not return BMP as valid image type for GD image manipulation (Bug #25925)
  • [Fix] Correctly determine safe mode for temp file creation in functions_upload.php (Bug #23525)
  • [Fix] Correctly sort by rank in memberlist (Bug #24435)
  • [Fix] Purge cache after database restore (Bug #24245)
  • [Fix] Correctly display subforum read/unread icons from RTL in FF3, Konqueror and Safari3+. (thanks arod-1 for the fix, related to Bug #14830)
  • [Fix] Added missing form token in acp (thanks NBBN).
  • [Fix] Do not remove whitespace in front of url containing the boards url and no relative path appended (Bug #27355)
  • [Fix] reset forum notifications in viewtopic (Bug #28025)
  • [Fix] corrected link for searching post author's other posts (Bug #26455)
  • [Fix] HTTP Authentication supports UTF-8 usernames now (Bug #21135)
  • [Fix] Topic searches by author no longer return invalid results (Bug #11777)
  • [Fix] Delete drafts and bookmarks when deleting an user. (#27585, thanks Schumi for the fix)
  • [Fix] Set last_post_subject for new topics. (#23945)
  • [Fix] Allow moving posts to invisible forums. (#27325)
  • [Fix] Don't allow promoting unapproved group members (#16124)
  • [Fix] Correctly fetch server name if using non-standard port (#27395)
  • [Fix] Regular expression for email matching in posts will no longer die on long words.
  • [Fix] Do not display ban message if direct call to cron. (thanks Dog Cow for reporting)
  • [Fix] Correctly display double-colon on special conditions within highlighted php source (Bug #26795)
  • [Fix] Increase storage capacity of titles/subjects due to specialchared content (Bug #25235)
  • [Fix] Catch invalid username wildcard ban (we do not support these) (Bug #29305)
  • [Fix] Fix (email)-domain checks for those having DNS prefixes set (Bug #29635)
  • [Change] Adjust truncate_string() to be able to adjust the maximum storage length.
  • [Change] Generalize load check (Bug #21255 / thanks to Xipher)
  • [Change] Make utf8_htmlspecialchars not pass its argument by reference (Bug #21885)
  • [Change] Sort the tables at the database table backup screen
  • [Change] For determining the maximum number of private messages in one box, use the biggest value from all groups the user is a member of (Bug #24665)
  • [Change] Show email ban reason on registration. Additionally allow custom errors properly returned if using validate_data(). (Bug #26885)
  • [Change] Don't allow redirects to different domains. (thanks nookieman)
  • [Feature] Added optional referer validation of POST requests as additional CSRF protection.
  • [Feature] Added optional stricter upload validation to avoid mime sniffing in addition to the safeguards provided by file.php. (thanks to Nicolas Grekas for compiling the list).
  • [Feature] Streamlined banning via the MCP by adding a ban link to the user profile. Also pre-fills ban fields as far as possible.
  • [Feature] Added ACP logout to reset an admin session.
  • [Sec] Only allow urls gone through redirect() being used within login_box(). (thanks nookieman)

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