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phpBB 2.0.4

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phpBB 2.0.4  Girişi değiştir

  • Removed user facing session_id checks
  • Fixed user self-activation after deactivation
  • Fixed incorrect functioning of phpbb_realpath
  • Fixed wrong path to database schema files within the upgrade script
  • Fixed double quote problem with username validation
  • Allow & within email addresses
  • Fixed email validation for banned email addresses
  • Removed underline from email domain validation
  • Fixed redirection for sentbox folder, installation and email
  • Fixed poll deletion
  • Fixed Mozilla navigation bar
  • Fixed URL bbcode parsing
  • Fixed database timeouts while searching the forums
  • Fixed wrong email return path in admin mass mailing - netclectic
  • Fixed MS-SQL failures within the update script
  • Fixed memberlist sort order
  • Fixed not showing leading spaces within Code BBCode
  • Fixed problem with adding double quotes to subject titles
  • Remove username input field from profile when user cannot change name
  • Fixed pagination error with highlighting
  • Fixed errors if no smilies are installed
  • Fixed CSS issues with IE 5.2 on MacOS X
  • Fixed missing sid propagation problem within the Moderator Control Panel
  • Fixed language variables within Authentication error output
  • Removed doubled CSS class definitions within input fields
  • Fixed username change within the Administration Panel
  • Added missing <tr> tags to index_body.tpl
  • Added missing username language variable to admin index page
  • Fixed moderator status update if a usergroup got deleted
  • Fixed poll handling upon post edit
  • Fixed remove common words from search table if post get pruned - Nuttzy99
  • Fixed behaviour on splitting topics if no checkbox is selected
  • Anonymous is no longer displayed within Username dropdown boxes
  • Fixed viewprofile redirection if an invalid mode was specified
  • Fixed fraction settings within determining common words - Novan
  • Prevent admin change usernames to his own within the ACP
  • Activation email is sent to all admins
  • Fixed conversion of & to &amp; in appropriate cases
  • Fixed display of "greater than topics per page" announcements preventing display of normal posts
  • Added variable checks to database backup and restore screen
  • Prevented pm popup window from resetting after visiting avatar gallery
  • Fixed special character handling with word censor
  • Added SID to jumpbox
  • Fixed problems with usernames using html special chars
  • Added GMT + 13 to English lang_main, all translators are encouraged to do likewise
  • Deleted doubled 'U_MEMBERLIST' assignment from page_header.php
  • Fixed wrong display of Signature Checkbox while editing Private Message
  • Fixed disappearing post text if emoticon was inserted directly after pressing a BBCode button
  • Display correct alt-tag for smilies within postings
  • Prevented the ability to apply BBCode to website contents
  • Fixed maxlength issue with password field in login_body.tpl
  • Fixed possible username duplication issue with validation and username length
  • Fixed split words function to handle additional foreign characters
  • Changed empty email To Field to use a non-disclosure delimiter
  • Fixed wrong language var in install.php - FTP Config screen
  • Fixed alt tag for locked topic images in viewforum_body.tpl
  • Fixed typo in groupcp.php - $lang['Unsub_success'] instead of $lang['Usub_success']
  • Fixed timezone display
  • Fixed wrong display of author quote tag within profile - Cl1mh4224rd
  • Added deletion of sessions of users whose account is deactivated
  • Added mail header X-MimeOLE to the emailer class
  • Prevent registration if user is logged in or user trying to register again
  • Prevent usage of char(255) in usernames
  • Added check for additional FORWARDED_FOR IP's - cosmos
  • Fixed handling of non-selection of option when voting
  • Fixed potential xss issue with memberslist mode
  • Default English support for visual confirmation - translators are encouraged to support this

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