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NSIS 2.30

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Release Name: 2.30

NSIS 2.30 is released. This release brings you a beta of Modern UI 2 which,
among other things, now makes use of the now documented nsDialogs. As always,
you also get the bug fix and various improvements combo with no extra charge.

Release Notes

* This release includes a beta of Modern UI 2. Please report any issues and
* The format of Modern UI language files has been modified to better
support external strings. Private language files should be converted (and
submitted as a patch in the spirit of open source).

Major Changes

* Fixed a bug introduced in version 2.29 that caused invalid $SMPROGRAMS
value on Windows 98 (bug #1766268)
* Modern UI 2 beta: Simpler code, easier to extend and makes use of

Minor Changes

* Added InstallOptions.nsh with relevant usage macros, based on the old
Modern UI macros
* Added LangFile.nsh allowing creation of langauge files that can be
included with a single command with defaults for missing strings (when
* Added LB_ERR and CB_ERR to WinMessages.nsh (bug #1771644)
* Fixed CreateDirectory logging (patch #1768584)
* Fixed escaping of quotes with $\ in macros (bug #1713708)
* Minor documentation improvements
* Modern UI 1.80: New language files structure based on LangFile.nsh
* Modern UI 1.80: MUI_LANGDLL_DISPLAY now reads previous settings on silent
installations as well

Utilities and Plug-ins

* Various nsDialogs improvements including RTL support, more macros in
nsDialogs.nsh and initial documentation


* Catalan returns
* Danish corrections
* Slovak corrections (patch #1762627)

Build System

* More HPUX fixes (bug #1755148, bug #1753063, bug #1758873, patch
* Ignore known failing tests by default on POSIX

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