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NSIS 2.24

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Major Changes

* Library uninstall-reinstall-reboot problems workaround (bug #1097642)
* Minimized number of cases where an error message appears in silent mode
* New compiler predefines for code scope (patch #1644712)

Minor Changes

* Added /P command line option for setting process priority of makensis
(patch #1638974)
* Added support for 64-bit PE on POSIX to GetDLLVersionLocal (patch
* Append last part of InstallDir only to $INSTDIR on directory pages (bug
* Avoid permissions change of output files for LineFind and FileJoin (bug
* Fixed erroneous warnings on uninstall sections (bug #1631889)
* Fixed lossy Unicode conversion in resource editor (bug #1083492)
* Ignore invalid preprocessor commands in ignored block or comments
* Made VIAddVersionKey only query language tables instead of creating them
and generating warnings (bug #1626504)
* Minor documentation updates and fixes (including bug #1642107, patch
* Warn when continuing a comment line using backslash (bug #1554178)

New/Changed Commands

* RegDLL and UnregDLL now use LOAD_WITH_ALTERED_SEARCH_PATH, so there's no
need to use SetOutPath to set the working directory (bug #1638191)

Utilities and Plug-ins

* InstallOptions 2.45: Added FOCUS flag (patch #1634704) and fixed paste
with ONLY_NUMBERS flag (bug #1652075)
* MakeNSISW: settings in HKCU instead of HKLM (bug #1411970) and MRU menu


* Added Galician translation (patch #1631765)

Build System

* Added a workaround for building on x64 POSIX platforms (bug #1646170)
* Added a workaround for strict-aliasing compatibility (bug #1635841)
* Added compression tests
* Fixed SCons 0.96.94 compatibility

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