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Notepad++ 2.4

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Notepad++ 2.4  Girişi değiştir

  • Add the transparency to the Find/Replace dialog, Styler Configurator dialog and User Define Language dialog (for w2k and xp only).
  • Correct a bug of VB lexer.
  • Correct a bug of Perl lexer.
  • Add VB Net keywords.
  • Add scroll bar in User Define Language dialog in the dock mode (for the people who has the prehistoric configuration - 14" monitor with 640*40 resolution :-) ).
  • Add the option in the Find/Replace Dialog box to show the found token at the top, in the middle or at the buttom of the edit zone.
  • Update the keywords list of javascript.
  • Add the feature to change the toolbar icons.
  • Add the Unicode encoding feature.
  • Add 7 languages (Chinese Simplified, Polish, Italian, Danish, Czech, Slovenian and Slovak) into Installer.
  • Add vb.api file into Installer.

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