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5070: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Album Art Panel & Going to Next Track
4910: [Burn] HPCDE Primo: new version 2.5(2) engine should be included
4832: [Synchronization] Start of playback of tracks from iPod can take several seconds in MM.
5066: [Burn] Confusing error message (FFFFFFFA) when no tracks are selected to burn.
5062: [Other] Podcasts: cannot delete Dead subscriptions
5068: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Options dialog: alignment issues
2430: [Other] Handling Multimedia Keyboard APPCOMMAND_MEDIA Keys sometimes misses
5054: [Main Panel] changing album art view modes affects column order (regression)
5065: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-Organize doesn't work when mask doesn't contains folder
5061: [Reports/Scripts] Statistics report: Top x Albums localization problem
5060: [Other] Error log form: [Save as Playlist] button should save regular MM playlist (not M3U as currently does)
5057: [DB/FileMonitor] Filter Views Not Saved When DB Converted to 3.1
5058: [Other] Optimize several actions
5056: [Main Panel] Lost of Expansion +/- symbols of Custom Nodes
5026: [Other] Regression: Podcast: Newest episode incorrectly determined.
5038: [Other] Scanned tracks not shown for Dead Subscriptions
5051: [Other] Podcast: Directory: OPML parse error - Subscription name may be truncated
4769: [Other] Podcasts: Need to add episode tag to the database
4881: [Properties/Auto-Tools] M4A genre is not read if Genre tag is saved as HEX Value
5034: [DB/FileMonitor] LibFlac version info added to multiple incorrect fields (regression)
5044: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-organize from iPod doesn't work
5008: [Other] Update All Podcasts finds no new podcasts (regression)
5043: [Main Panel] Genre delete / refresh issue
5046: [Synchronization] Syncronize Tags in unavailable (regression)
5036: [Install/Config] Command line parameter for ini file path
5045: [Playlist / Search] Improve performance of default filters
5042: [Main Panel] List background is wrong after restart
2570: [Main Panel] Library node should show all tracks in Library
5049: [Docs / Localization] Misc strings corrections (prep for localization)
5012: [Main Panel] Some polishing of Toolbar Configuration
5048: [Player] Font styles aren't supported in player
5037: [DB/FileMonitor] Folder scan aborts (Regression)
5047: [DB/FileMonitor] Scanning tracks doesn't work
4938: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Make separator configurable for multi-attribute properties
5039: [Other] Remove Playlist field from Synch* tables
4826: [Other] Customizeable toolbars
5032: [Other] Auto-Tag from Web when in AA view can throw an error
5031: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-Organize: selecting more than one playlist in rule doesn't persist
5029: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-Organize doesn't work well with Auto-Playlist in rule
5028: [Player] MicroPlayer popup timeout should be configurable
5025: [Player] MicroPlayer pop-up re-appears
5027: [Main Panel] Scrolling in Album Art View
4557: [Synchronization] Podcast synchronization: ability to sync older podcasts
4609: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Allow date queries based on time relative to the present
5015: [Main Panel] Unorganized tracks Bar & Performance [Regression]
4874: [Playlist / Search] Play Order ('#' column) Sorting doesn't work correctly
5014: [Other] Improved messaging for creating new hotkeys
5020: [Other] UI and context help string changes for 3.1
5016: [Main Panel] Track order display should be configurable
4000: [Burn] MTP Synch to Zen Vision ignores mask location in some cases
5017: [Player] MicroPlayer : MM can freeze when micro popup is visible
5018: [Conversion/Leveling] Comment is lost on file conversion
0132: [Main Panel] Numbers in Track Titles are Confusing
3992: [Main Panel] Album Art + Details: Many users don't like the auto-hide / down arrow
5010: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Properties: Exception when adding second value to Multi-value fields
3477: [Player] Miniplayer: edit/add album art dialogs appear behind the player
5002: [Now Playing] Pop-up info panel appears even if Now Playing is empty
3588: [Other] More (general functionality) hotkeys should be available
3763: [Conversion/Leveling] Background volume analysis triggers errors for inaccessible tracks / CDs
4180: [Burn] CD Burning: Improved status bar feedback during + on completion
4939: [Burn] Burn error message numbers should have descriptive text
4710: [Main Panel] Out of resource error for large albums (VirtualTree issue)
3566: [Main Panel] Album Art view: if multiple images exist switching to diff. images fails alternately
4816: [Other] Renaming genre to include word "podcast" causes grey subscriptions to appear
3862: [Main Panel] Skinless mode: Last part of the path in navigation bar has a different font
4828: [Other] Thread creation error: Not enough storage is available to process this command.
4844: [Main Panel] Album Art cache may be stored to root of C: instead of temp directory
4448: [Scripts/Extensions] Some standard tree nodes don't pay attention to visibility
4294: [Other] Issues with Large / Extra Large fonts
4407: [Now Playing] Auto-DJ adds multiple identical tracks in some cases
4787: [DB/FileMonitor] Network Database Access Optimization.
4755: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Rating 0 (a bomb) isn't saved to ID3 tags
4635: [DB/FileMonitor] File Monitor: Tags changed outside of MM aren't commited to database
5004: [Playlist / Search] Full-text-search: characters such as '.' should be removed from the query
5003: [Other] Auto-complete : functionality is very slow on large databases
4822: [Synchronization] iPod Synch: Don't delete Smart Playlists by default
4608: [Synchronization] Auto-Sync list 'All Music' node sometimes shows incorrect state
5009: [Main Panel] Tracklist is somehow corrupted and tracks are invisible
5005: [Now Playing] Pop up panel 'Show only when inactive' setting doesn't work
4820: [Synchronization] Warn iPod Users about 'Level volume when synchronizing'
4999: [Synchronization] Synced Album playlists are out of order
5000: [Main Panel] Album Art View + Details : Artist/Album column isn't remembered
0441: [DB/FileMonitor] Inaccessible tracks are not all greyed out & MM becomes non-responsive
3102: [Other] Podcasts: fields are sometimes assigned metadata that doesn't make sense
2464: [Synchronization] Support external memory cards on MTP devices
4901: [Synchronization] Copy iPhone / iPod Touch: using auto-organize doesn't work
4408: [DB/FileMonitor] Improve Album Art scanning (only add art if all tracks in a dir have similar Album fields)
4756: [Synchronization] Sync gapless playback info to iPod for M4A (prevent art corruption)
4991: [Main Panel] Album Art Window can't be resized (regression)
3960: [Scripts/Extensions] Extensions: Installing new exensions doesn't refresh the extensions list
4639: [Scripts/Extensions] Stats script: Improve file size reporting
4777: [Other] Podcasts: PubDate field of the PodcastEpisodes table doesn't get populated with the time portion
4801: [Other] Some opml dirs cannot be imported
4813: [Other] Some unicode characters are displayed badly in OPML dirs
4846: [DB/FileMonitor] MediaMonkey fails to import the Comment field from ID3v1 tags
4908: [Synchronization] Tracks synched during the very first session with MM aren't synced properly
4949: [Conversion/Leveling] CD ripping occassionaly fails for some users and CD drive is lost untill reboot
4475: [Other] Specific corrupted WAV files can freeze MM
4986: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-suggest doesn't work for Album field (regression)
4965: [Playlist / Search] Drag & Drop to Playlist duplicate prevention appears not to work (refresh problem)
4742: [Other] Missing/Incorrect hotkeys: General: Go to Artist Node goes to Artist & Album Artist node
3500: [Other] context menu inconsistencies and improvements re. 'Options'
4112: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Album Art Tagging: No error is returned when attempting to tag album art to track with broken link
4065: [Other] Single Key Hotkeys are active when editing
3446: [Now Playing] Now Playing shouldn't reposition to centre in response to user interaction
4969: [Burn] Burning TAO: gaps should be included when calculating overall time
0051: [Other] Errors interrupt Caching/Normalization/Conversion/Synchronization Operations
3418: [Main Panel] Multiple Value Fields: Need clear way of removing tracks and nodes
4959: [Main Panel] Single click of Track in AA + Details view doesn't allow tracks to be edited
4227: [Main Panel] AA + Details view: using down arrow moves focus to hidden tracks
3272: [Main Panel] Album Art Details view: keyboard-based tracklist selection / navigation is inconsistent
4869: [Scripts/Extensions] Extensions.ini - values including '=' are not written correctly
4899: [Scripts/Extensions] Extensions tweak: If another Install.vbs is in the same folder as MMIP then there could be a conflict
2036: [Now Playing] Auto-DJ isn't random enough
4958: [Burn] Grammar correction in burning status message: 'Copying of album art...
3082: [Main Panel] Party mode: Disable multi-select (revert?)
4713: [Conversion/Leveling] File conversion fails for filepaths > 255 chars long with error message (auto-cutoff feature?)
4954: [Burn] Support more CD-Text fields when burning audio CD.
4555: [Main Panel] Audio CD Node: Context Menu has many useless functions
4917: [Other] MM can't read/write tag from some MP4 files (HEv2 AAC - Nero encoded)
4936: [Other] Deleted tracks dialog can throw an error
4927: [Other] Regression: Seeking doesn't work when playing audio CDs
4877: [Main Panel] Simplify Tree: show some nodes only when they contain tracks
4923: [Synchronization] Synchronization to iPhone to full capacity fails
3372: [Other] Skins: Micromonkey displays incorrectly in some cases
3344: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Improve typing to dropdowns
4857: [Main Panel] Grouping tracks to Unknown albums
4231: [Install/Config] deskplayer.dll can't be installed on Vista x64
3877: [DB/FileMonitor] Show M4B files in Audiobook filter in MM.
4074: [Now Playing] Now Playing menu items are hidden when 'Show Play Controls' is enabled
4911: [Scripts/Extensions] Paths in COM interface
3946: [Other] Use multi-kernel processor more efficiently
4893: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Norwegion year mask fails
4896: [Synchronization] Auto-sync list: Music CDs appear in the Audiobooks tab
4075: [Other] Capitalization cleanup of field names
4890: [Other] Updating podcasts: manually downloaded episodes are not deleted from the queue in some cases
4889: [Other] Skinning : Close button on dialogs is cut off
3835: [Main Panel] Shift-Delete doesn't delete the currently playing track for Tracks not in the library
3791: [Other] Change 'panning left / right' to balance left/right
3983: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Dead links: All web radio stations are included in dead links
3947: [Other] Debug logs should contain full version number
4884: [Other] SDB.Database.ActiveFilterQuery returns empty string in some cases
4882: [Other] Regression: AllMusic Listen links are not handeled correctly
4883: [Player] Winamp cannot be used as player for non admin users
2255: [Other] Auto-complete messes up capitalization
4829: [Other] Amazon purchases: affiliate links don't seem to work for non-english builds
2876: [Main Panel] Album Art Details view: Multiple track selection doesn't work correctly
4222: [Main Panel] Album art Context not Shown Correctly
4803: [Player] Upgrade Lame to 3.98.2
4873: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-Organize in background doesn't move non media files
4774: [Other] AAC Format plugins don't have version #, and both have the same name
4513: [Synchronization] Auto-deletion status text is slightly inaccurate
4871: [Properties/Auto-Tools] "Clear database..." does not actually clear all database
4720: [Properties/Auto-Tools] "Next/Previous Song" arrow on Track Properties dialog doesn't operate right.
4864: [Other] Unsubscribe and Delete podcasts do not delete Playing Episode
2379: [Player] CDs with CD Text don't display metadata in Now Playing or in Player
2635: [Main Panel] Refresh problem when dragging and dropping between playlists
2424: [Player] Support for WMA streaming
2947: [Other] Make MM accessible to blind users
2769: [Main Panel] Context menu editing commands don't appear in unskinned mode
3015: [Other] Add an option to manually create an Eureka debug log
3430: [Main Panel] Album Art Views don't refresh correctly
3568: [Main Panel] AA views don't work properly with tracks without Album Artist
3548: [Other] Filters 'Gold' warning is too 'Naggy'
4852: [Other] OPML directories: filling the Feed list by feeds could be faster
4851: [Other] Some podcasts (with ASP code in their feed) fails.
3107: [Other] Automatic Tab Order
4850: [Other] No way to browse/search content of all OPML directories at once.
3250: [Install/Config] Player mode (main/mini/micro) should persist
3908: [Other] Podcasts: Expanding a Podcast can look like MM is frozen
2835: [Other] Visualization throws "Out of memory"
4843: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Non-skinned version: Properties: Album artist checkbox is not properly checked when changing artist field
3621: [Other] Global Album Art image location is missing 'Any' option for some users.
4138: [Synchronization] Sync to USB MS Device: Podcasts and Audiobooks don't sync well
4830: [Other] History should remember track selection
4819: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Unsynchronized tags: some tracks are unsynchronizable
4003: [Now Playing] Now Playing: If shuffle is enabled, and NP track is deleted, next track doesn't come into focus
4508: [Other] Some podcasts that have embedded user/pass in the feed URL appear empty
4446: [Scripts/Extensions] Scripting: Changing SDBAlbumArtItem::ItemStorage from 1 to 0 should convert linked image into an embedded
3475: [Other] Party Mode isn't completely locked (Crlt+Alt+Del and media keys)
2686: [Other] Decrease memory requirements of internal data structures
4088: [Playlist / Search] Search Results node is filled with non-sensical searches --> Optimize timer
3217: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Filters are applied even where they shouldn't
3460: [Other] Optimize performance of some parts of MM
4191: [DB/FileMonitor] Drag and Drop of Folders to Library node fails
3560: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Album Artist Node: It should be possible to Drag and Drop Albums between Album Artists
3653: [Main Panel] Album Art Details view: text appears misaligned if Album Title is unknown
4711: [Main Panel] In-place Edits of Artist field do not work correctly for case changes
4656: [DB/FileMonitor] Track Browser: Doesn't populate until all tracks in a node are read
4796: [Main Panel] Tracklist operations coulds be faster and consuming less memory
4805: [Playlist / Search] Auto-playlist can be indirectly self-referenced - add a prevention
1988: [Main Panel] Files to Edit: Unlevelled tracks
4454: [Main Panel] Some mnemonic characters are missing from Menu Bar
4798: [Main Panel] Regression : Track# mask doesn't work well when track's Track# is set to '0'
3591: [Other] hiding root nodes is not reflected in the navigation toolbar
3764: [Other] Unskinned Player: Vista-style navigation toolbar text doesn't fit in buttons
4107: [Main Panel] Album Art Views: scanning in library doesn't refresh view properly
2364: [Main Panel] 'My Computer' node infers properties even when 'infer properties' is completely disabled
4793: [Main Panel] Album Art View + Details doesn't show highlighted fields in unsynchronized node
4575: [Main Panel] MediaMonkey fails to run by Non-Admin user on Vista when General plugins are used
4749: [Other] Explorer integration doesn't work correctly in Vista
4068: [Other] Eurekalog debug log is sent even when user presses
4156: [Now Playing] Floating Now Player: focus conflicts with Tracklist focus --> possible incorrect operations
3816: [Main Panel] Album Art View: Deleting an Album causes view to completely refresh and lose current position
4139: [Main Panel] Album Art + Details view: on scan Album can generate multiple entries
3880: [Main Panel] Scanning causes tree nodes/tracks/ratings to not be editable
3443: [Main Panel] Album Artist node: Album Artist subnodes aren't shown if Album title is unknown
4435: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Regression: AutoOrganize: if track exceeds 64 chars limit then its filename fails to edit
4541: [Playlist / Search] "search current" & trackbrowser communication isn't correct
2165: [Properties/Auto-Tools] 'My Computer' node infers properties of tracks that are already in the DB
4178: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Properties Dialog: Edit boxes don't function correctly when text is wider than the text box width
4771: [Install/Config] DBUpgrader progress is visible only when it's running from MM
4766: [Scripts/Extensions] SDBUIMaskEdit.OnChange event doesn't work
4773: [Scripts/Extensions] Menu_Pop_NP_MainWindow subnodes isn't suported by scripting
5011: [Scripts/Extensions] Regression: MoreFrom Pop Menus doesn't work
4968: [Scripts/Extensions] Regression: .Common.ControlName Overides .Caption
4996: [Main Panel] Unicode MP3 Tags broken in MM 3.1 (regression)
4946: [Main Panel] Net Radio Tree button can't be shown until restart (regression)
4866: [Scripts/Extensions] Extension install / unistall issues (.ini file handling)
4973: [Player] Volume adjustments don't register if playback is stopped
4563: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Warning for mass edits of 50+ files to prevent accidental edits
3760: [Playlist / Search] Searchbar returns different results for 'Search selected' vs 'entire library'
4395: [Playlist / Search] Configurability re. which fields the searchbar searches
3687: [Playlist / Search] Improved searchbar: disabled auto-complete (rusty)
4945: [Main Panel] Album Art + Details view: moused based selection doesn't work correctly
4825: [DB/FileMonitor] DBUpgrader : Fixed non ASCII Album Artist can be corrupted when upgrading from MM 2.x
4752: [Conversion/Leveling] Send to -> Folder (Rip/Convert) should always default to create copy
4412: [Conversion/Leveling] Fixed failed rips should generate a single error message after rip operation
4153: [Conversion/Leveling] Background volume analysis should limit tag update to Replay Gain changes
4898: [Conversion/Leveling] Support more WMA Lossless (sub)formats
4100: [Burn] Improved burn config - Automated 'Buffer Underrun protection'
4837: [Burn] Confusing error message on termination of preparatory phase of Audio-CD burning
4934: [Burn] Burn Data CD Wizard shouldn't highlight track paths yellow
4219: [Burn] CD-Text labels aren't displayed in some cases
4947: [Burn] Audio CD Burn disc indicator shows wrong number of discs required
4928: [Burn] Disc Spanning: Burn dialog options are confusing
4868: [Burn] Burning message improvements: disc sequence numbers for disc-spanning burns
4918: [Burn] Optional chime on burn completion
4390: [Burn] Ability to Cache Network files for Audio CD Burns
4784: [Playlist / Search] Autoplaylist: Sort by Album doesn't work (regression)
4992: [Other] Tray icon never shows up in some cases
5001: [Other] Regression: Some podcast feeds no longer work
4879: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Classifications items: reordering by d&d is slow
4983: [Main Panel] Width of the # column doesn't persist
4799: [Now Playing] Now Playing: double-click selected track edits it in some cases
4916: [Scripts/Extensions] Extensions: 'Update Available' should be shown when NewVersionDescription is missing
4418: [Main Panel] Find More from Same Context menu should indicate field values
3281: [Main Panel] Album Art + Details: all fields should be available as headers
4593: [Main Panel] Tracklist right-click Remove menu entry is missing its shortcut key text
3558: [Now Playing] Cannot edit tracks in Now Playing (regression)
4842: [Main Panel] Skins: Podcast download icon should be animatable
4834: [Main Panel] Tooltip enhancement: show track cover and rating
4788: [Main Panel] Track browser 'All' doesn't work in Album Art View
4220: [Player] Track Popup shows previous track's album art for a fraction of a second
4772: [Playlist / Search] Auto-Playlist throws error when using 'Playlist' as criteria
4990: [Main Panel] Track Browser crashes when its columns are customized with some fields (regression)
4979: [Main Panel] Closing Track Properties can throw an error
2964: [Player] Add 'Stop after current' command
3445: [Now Playing] Tooltips don't work in Now Playing node
4379: [Main Panel] Album Art + Details view: Get Info/Buy not working
4993: [Other] Occasional crashes when minimized to micro player
3007: [Burn] Disc fails to refresh in Explorer (XP) after several burns
4317: [Main Panel] 'Unsynchronized tag' node opening will holds up every other threads
4111: [Main Panel] Past searches cannot be deleted from the tree.
4995: [Main Panel] Double click on Track Browser doesn't work as expected
2254: [Main Panel] No Shortcut to 'My Desktop' in MediaMonkey
3263: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Files to Edit: Inconsistent Album Art
4925: [Main Panel] Don't show unnecessary tagging progress information on some actions
4876: [Now Playing] Now Playing panel does not show number of files or # selected files in status bar
3590: [Main Panel] the clickable area in each section of the navigation toolbar is inconsistent
3340: [Other] Podcasts: Add ability to download episodes based on time
4887: [Main Panel] Album Art View : groups can show up total count of albums inside of it
3519: [Install/Config] 'Remove underscores when adding filenames' is unneeded
4943: [Main Panel] AA View: Text Exceeds the margins of album art
4989: [Install/Config] Initialization of 'Options' dialog is slow
3252: [Other] Podcasts: Import / Export OPML
3040: [Playlist / Search] Implement proper full-text search
4997: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Search options are not available via Search context menu
4778: [Other] Multi value support enhancements
3192: [Main Panel] Album Art Panel not resizable after titlebar is hidden
4409: [Other] Hotkeys: minimize / maximize window
4872: [Other] Don't show previously removed episodes in feed list
4978: [Main Panel] Users accidentally open Amazon pages
4802: [Main Panel] Hide Title node by default
3508: [Properties/Auto-Tools] AutoDJ options needs "from current filter" option
3351: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Context menu isn't available in most of the player UI
3876: [DB/FileMonitor] Add Extension as a new DB field
4903: [Player] MicroPlayer : microplayer on Vista disables taskbar aero effect
4895: [Synchronization] Auto-sync list: Playlist node should have a means of selecting/deselecting all playlists
3761: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Unsynchronized Tags node: status bar doesn't work
4880: [Now Playing] Now Playing Transparency, Always on Top unavailable
2670: [Now Playing] Deleting the currently playing track --> next track doesn't show up in Now Playing
3987: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Album Art Window: change title bar to 'Album Art (Selected)'
4204: [Synchronization] UI Font Color in Device Configuration Wrong
4875: [Other] Podcasts: Lines are not properly broken in Episode's comment + subscription can get bad description
4849: [Other] Default OPML directories: is broken
3993: [Other] Tabbed dialogs: doesn't switch between tabs
3994: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Shortcut conflict: Properties > Album Art (Alt-A)
3995: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Mass Track Edits: Filename should indicate 'Multiple tracks selected'
2587: [Now Playing] Add Play Next / Play Last options to Now Playing
4643: [Synchronization] Labeling for Device Configuration is inconsistent
4833: [Synchronization] Auto-Sync list: Add ability to tick all Playlists at once
3416: [Main Panel] Filters & Views: per filter Track Browser config
4806: [Other] Tracks storage internal changes
4471: [Playlist / Search] Search: 'Is Known' operator could be useful for some fields
2917: [Other] Skins: Add option to include custom icons within a skin
3608: [Other] Skins: Improvements to support SilverDream skin
3805: [Now Playing] Increase playcounts differently for Music and Audiobooks/Podcasts
4845: [Burn] Change default burn mask
4987: [Main Panel] Album Art View : Album & Album Artist is truncated to one character
4994: [Main Panel] Custom Main Tree +/- icons doesn't persist
3262: [Player] Support for partial playcounts in podcasts
2997: [Main Panel] Album Art View: Image editing functions missing/inconsistent
0090: [Main Panel] Configurable Toolbar
3575: [Main Panel] Album Art + Details View: Tracks listed in incorrect order sometimes
3546: [Main Panel] Tracklist Horizontal Scrollbar position doesn't update in some cases
4303: [Now Playing] Now Playing window often shifts horizontally
3526: [Other] Cannot focus invisible window and switch between Players
4701: [Other] Mask Edit : Hiding masks list using '>>' button misses caret position in Destination edit
4538: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Cursor doesn't work correctly in Mask textboxes
4673: [Player] in_mpg123 plugin no longer functions & seekbar doesn't work correctly with in_mad.dll
4905: [Player] MicroPlayer: show currently playing track info on hover
4862: [Player] Player: show track time when moving seek bar
4924: [Main Panel] # column for auto-playlist starts with 0 instead of 1
4919: [Other] Skinning : MM blinks while changing skin
3004: [DB/FileMonitor] Locate Moved Missing Tracks: always fails when track timestamp doesn't match
4981: [Main Panel] Settings to show less than 7 in Album Art View don't work
3592: [Other] Skinning: AA+Details expand triangle should be skinnable & support transparency
3646: [Main Panel] Album Art + Details view: Currently playing track isn't always bold
4731: [Main Panel] Album Art View: Clicking selected album causes selection to be lost
4732: [Main Panel] Dragging in Album Art or AA + details view may not refresh focus correctly
4767: [Main Panel] Scroll wheel in Album Art view becomes 'uncalibrated' on large albums
3865: [Main Panel] Tree: Gradient artifact when horizontal scrollbar is moved all the way to the right
4129: [Install/Config] Proxy password shouldn't be displayed in clear text
4984: [DB/FileMonitor] Updating database to 3.1 can fail
4870: [Main Panel] 'About' dialog has confusing text
3444: [Other] MediaMonkey tray icon shouldn't display when microplayer is active
0685: [Main Panel] Duplicates functionality is unintuitive
1586: [Install/Config] Re-enable alpha warning for prerelease software
4170: [Other] Hotkey: General: Focus tracklist on currently playing item - doesn't bring track into focus
4381: [Main Panel] Album Art Views: Mirror effect
4841: [Main Panel] Toolbars buttons should have smooth transitions like players buttons
4838: [Main Panel] No easy way to hide/show Music Tree
4280: [Install/Config] Consistency issue: Change 'Filters and Views' to 'Filters & Views'
2999: [Main Panel] Album Art - Details View: Enable for Now Playing
4179: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Properties dialog: CTRL-A doesn't work to select all text in a field
4900: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Copy & Auto-organize tracks (e.g. to Copy an iPhone or network drive)
4754: [Main Panel] Filter config can cause device to appear in tree even if not connected (regression)
4672: [Player] Video: Vid4WA plugin no longer works with MM 3.0
4892: [Other] Some toolbars are missing close buttons and the navigation toolbar is not labeled
4894: [Main Panel] Floating toolbars not labelled / mislabelled / and missing buttons
3982: [Player] Sleep timer expiry: Volume doesn't reset back to normal
4974: [Playlist / Search] Regression: Searching in 'Current Selection' mode can be slow
4151: [Other] Debug Log (via dbgview) should log correct / full version number
4776: [Player] Regression: Playcounter is not updated before TrackEnd Event
3754: [Playlist / Search] Search bar: Configureable search mode on a per root node basis
2991: [Playlist / Search] Playlist: dragging from Now Playing to a playlist doesn't work correctly
4795: [Playlist / Search] Internal: Some DUNIT query tests fail.
4953: [DB/FileMonitor] MM 3.1 Fails to upgrade from MM 2.x database
4940: [Scripts/Extensions] SDBUIEdit.Common PaswordChar property Feature
2790: [Conversion/Leveling] Album Gain support for Burning and Ripping
4926: [DB/FileMonitor] Database problems in 1192
0244: [Conversion/Leveling] Return rip error messages once after CD has ripped
4686: [Cache / Preview] Save to .m3u doesn't work properly for Virtual CD tracks
3781: [Cache / Preview] Virtual CD: unsynchronized tags node doesn't work
4929: [Burn] Burn List selection doesn't work correctly
4930: [Burn] Disc spanning: User is unnecessarily prompted to insert a disc
4931: [Burn] Audio CD Burning: Error 30C07 for Audio Disc Burns
4937: [Install/Config] Database upgrade should backup old DB prior to performing upgrade
4915: [Burn] Estimated size of burned tracks isn't correct for ABR MP3s
4416: [Main Panel] Album Art View : Covers D&D should be available
4413: [Other] Date field resets in some cases

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