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MediaMonkey RC7  Girişi değiştir

4658 Added classical music fields to Advanced Playlist sort order options
4666 Fixed New generation iPods occasionally get mixed up Album Art
4664 Fixed skinless mode-Auto-tag from filename: properties don't update in some cases
4669 Fixed leveling coeffcients aren't shown in properties dialog in some cases
4596 Fixed Send to... still sends wrong tracks from undocked Now Playing in some cases
4683 Fixed Sync config: '\\' at begining of destination path triggers an error
4687 Fixed Clicking 'close' button in undocked Now Playing can trigger freeze
4685 Fixed Auto-tag from Filename includes non-functional mask
4684 Fixed 'Get Info/Buy' > 'Library' doesn't function in regular context menu
4677 Fixed Get info/Buy links only work for Amazon in the Now Playing Window
4680 Fixed Undocked Now Playing Window always remains in foreground
4660 Fixed Podcast subscription cannot be edited / causes duplicates (regression)
4674 Fixed Album Art View: right-click on empty space can trigger error (regression)
4676 Fixed Album Art View: QuickSearch doesn't work when playlist selected (regression)
4678 Fixed Properties dialog: leveling string isn't localized
4667 Fixed Help file 'About Properties / Tags' inaccuracies
4670 Fixed Link to non-existent Help file

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