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KeePass Password Safe 1.15  Girişi değiştir

New Features:

* Completely new plugin architecture (exposing a lot more functionality to plugins, faster, requires less memory, safer memory management / cross-module calls, more secure, and allows independent development of KeePass and plugins, i.e. starting with 1.15 KeePass can be updated without requiring plugins to be updated and vice versa).
* Added option to use advanced in-memory protection (DPAPI, only Windows Vista and higher; the key is stored in a secure, non-swappable memory area managed by Windows; option enabled by default).
* The hash of the master key and its transformed version are now in-memory protected.
* Added help source selection dialog (by default the online help center is used).
* Added '-set-urloverride', '-clear-urloverride' and '-get-urloverride' command line options.
* Focused disabled menu items are now drawn with a transparent selection rectangle.
* Windows XP and higher: added support for double-buffering in the entry list.
* Windows Vista and higher: added support for alpha-blended marquee selection in the entry list.
* Added KeeForceAllowChangeMasterKey, KeeForceAllowPrinting, KeeForceAllowImport and KeeForceAllowExport configuration options (these override the option to disable unsafe operations and the mini mode setting; they are only loaded from the enforced and global INI files, not the local one).
* Added KeeDisallowPrintingPasswords configuration option to disallow printing passwords and viewing them in the print preview.
* Added multi-user documentation.


* Improved plugin loading performance.
* Plugins don't need to be manually enabled anymore (just copy the plugin files into the KeePass application directory).
* Improved main menu items order.
* Improved main menu accelerators.
* Improved group main menu item texts.
* Improved performance of various entry list operations.
* Hash of master key is now cleared when closing a database.
* Hash of file key is now cleared after opening/saving files.
* Various code optimizations.
* Minor other improvements.


* Fixed cursor navigation problem in secure edit controls.
* Fixed random access violation in OnScreenKeyboard plugin.

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