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Changes from 1.10 to 1.11:

New Features:

  • Master key transformations (rounds) are now computed in two threads; on dual/multi core processors this results in almost twice the performance as before (by doubling the amount of rounds you\'ll get the same waiting time as in 1.10, but the protection against dictionary and guessing attack is doubled).
  • On Windows Vista, some of the message boxes are now displayed as modern task dialogs.
  • Database files are now verified (read and hashed) after writing them to disk (in order to prevent data loss caused by damaged/broken devices and/or file systems).
  • When saving databases to removable media, KeePass now tries to lock and unlock the volume, which effectively flushes all system caches related to this drive (this prevents data loss caused by removing USB sticks without correctly unmounting in Windows first; but it only works when no other program is using the drive).
  • Improved database file writing algorithm (small block writes and explicit flushing).
  • The system\'s INI cache is now flushed before copying the temporary global INI file to the application directory (improves Windows 95 / 98 / ME compatibility).
  • Added placeholders for referencing fields of other entries (dereferenced when starting URLs and performing auto-type, see the auto-type placeholders documentation).
  • Added natural sorting (when sorting the entry list, KeePass now performs a human-like comparison instead of a simple lexicographical one; this sorts entries with numbers more logically; only supported with ShlWApi/IE 6.0.2800).
  • Added pattern placeholder \'s\' to generate special characters of the printable 7-bit ASCII character set.
  • KeePass now locks when the system is suspending (if the option for locking on locking Windows or switching user is enabled).
  • Added a \'Tools\' button menu in the entry editing dialog.
  • Tools button menu: Added command to select an application for the URL field (will be prefixed with cmd://).
  • Tools button menu: Added command to select a document for the URL field (will be prefixed with cmd://).
  • Tools button menu: Added command to insert a placeholder into the URL field.
  • Tools button menu: Added command to select an auto-type target window (a dialog will be opened, in which you can select an existing currently-opened window; an appropriate auto-type definition will be added in the notes field).
  • Several entry context menu commands are now only enabled if applicable (if the user name field of an entry is empty, the \'Copy User Name\' command is disabled, etc.).
  • A \" - Copy\" suffix is now appended to duplicated entries.
  • After duplicating entries, the new entries are selected.
  • Added ability to sort entries based on UUIDs.
  • Added advanced option to focus the entry list after a successful quick search (toolbar; disabled by default).
  • Added support for large translation/language files.
  • Added option to always allow full access through remote control (disabled by default, and marked with \"not recommended\").
  • Added radio buttons for removing the expiry time from entries in the mass-modify dialog.
  • Added generic Wiki and \'$\' client icons.
  • Added certificate and mobile phone client icons (thanks to oppitronic).
  • Added ability to specify the minimum length and minimum estimated quality that master passwords must have (see help file -> Features -> Composite Master Key; for admins).
  • Added interface for writing master password requirements validation plugins (see the KPM_VALIDATE_MASTERPASSWORD message).
  • Added interface for writing entry validation plugins (see the KPM_VALIDATE_ENTRY message).
  • Added interface for writing generated passwords validation plugins (see the KPM_VALIDATE_GENPASSWORD message).
  • Added plugin interface for storing custom data in KeePass KDB databases (for example some history, logging, ...).
  • Plugins can now execute auto-type (KPC_AUTOTYPE).
  • Added ability to specify a window title suffix in the INI file (KeeWindowTitleSuffix).
  • Added more simple and robust plugin interface for editing and deleting entries.
  • The dialog banner text color can be changed in the INI file now (KeeBannerColorText, set to BGR-Quad).
  • The gradient direction in dialog banners can now be specified in the INI file (KeeBannerFlip).
  • In mini mode, no passwords are generated automatically for new entries.
  • In mini mode, clicking the \'Generate Password\' button in the entry window immediately generates a new password based on the automatic generation profile, instead of showing the password generator dialog.
  • In mini mode, the URL field is replaced by a combo box, in which you can select one of the plugin-provided user applications (KPM_USERAPP_GETFIRST and KPM_USERAPP_GETNEXT).


  • If natural sorting is supported, TANs are not prefixed with zeros anymore. Removed \'Loading error\' message that appeared when checking for an update and a new version is available.
  • TAN indices are now stored in the user name field (the notes field can therefore be used now for storing confirmation messages and/or transaction details).
  • \"User Name\" is now translated correctly in TXT exports.
  • On Windows XP and higher, dialog banners now have black background gradients by default.
  • Improved list view item focusing.
  • Icon of the \'Generate Password\' button in the entry editing dialog is now always visible.
  • Passwords generated by the automatic generation profile can now be accepted.
  • The help can now consistently be accessed through buttons in the lower left of dialogs.
  • Improved apple icon (inverted colors).
  • Improved group tree redrawing when closing a database.
  • Correct times are assigned to incoming entries through RC.
  • Improved placeholder replacement engine for URLs and auto- type (prevents infinite recursion).
  • Multiple files can now be selected in the import file dialog (except KDB format).
  • Import file dialogs do not change the working directory anymore.
  • In the mass-modify dialog the expiry time now defaults to the current local time instead of the \'never expires\' time.
  • Upgraded to Boost libraries version 1.34.1.
  • Minor UI improvements (improved error messages, ...).
  • Minor other improvements.


  • Fixed randomly appearing bug in TAN numbering routine.
  • Fixed random failure of local date/time formatting routine.

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