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  • Modified network adapter and tunneling code as follows:
    • Improved handling of outbound traffic bursts
    • Re-enabled IPX support, which was initially depricated with an introduction of "Layer 3 tunneling domains" in
    • Modified built-in DHCP server to automatically disable itself if the adapter is configured with a static IP address.
    • Increased virtual IP lease interval from 30 seconds to a year.
    • DHCP IP address renewal is now initiated with a brief toggling of the adapter's line status. This requires the "media sense" option for the adapter needs to be enabled, which is a default Windows value.
  • Fixed timestamps in chat logs being off by one day
  • Fixed cosmetic UI issues (language, wording, formatting, etc)
  • Added new section ("Export Law Assurances") to the EULA
  • Modified the installer as follows:
  • Hamachi network adapter is now configured NOT to automatically register its IP with DNS. This is equivalent to un-checking
  • "Register this adapter in DNS" option in DNS part of Advanced section of TCP/IP Properties of Hamachi adapter.
  • Failure to create .hamachi shell association is no longer treated as a critical error
  • Improved handling of "HrRenameConnection" failures on Windows 2000
  • Added a warning when installing Hamachi on Windows 2000/2003 servers that have "Dynamic DNS Updates" enabled in one of their DNS zones.

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