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DC++ 0.180

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DC++ 0.180  Girişi değiştir

  • Added a finished downloads window
  • Added temporary download directory option
  • Added support for dchub://hubip:port and dchub://hubip:port/nick (will download that users filelist) (partially by Luca Rota, thanks) (completely untested)
  • Sort by slots in search is now secondarily sorted by open slots
  • Fixed sort by priority in queue window
  • Fixed \"don\'t remove dupes\" option
  • Improved performance a bit when there were a lot of \"no free download slots\"
  • Fixed missing join messages
  • Shift-enter in hub send message instead of adding a newline to the text (use ctrl-enter for newlines) (because a lot of people can\'t type properly and keep holding shift when pressing enter...I hear old (60+) people often do this...=)
  • More changes to the autosearch, it should now be more random and therefore yield better results...
  • Old download queues (pre 0.174) are no longer loaded
  • Added better error handling on failed downloads
  • Added a column to the queue window that shows which sources have failed and why
  • Major changes in the connection queue handling for better stability in the future
  • Added doxygen configuration file. To generate a very nice overview of the dc++ sources download doxygen ( and graphviz (search google), then check doxyfile for the proper paths, and then type start doxygen in the project directory
  • Removed sources are no longed automatically readded by the autosearch feature
  • Added option to readd a removed/bad source from the queue window
  • Added option to remove a user from all queued downloads from the transfer window

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