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DC++ 0.14

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DC++ 0.14  Girişi değiştir

  • Fixed upload slots bug
  • Fixed download resume bug
  • Fixed security bug (allowing people to download arbitrary files on the hd...thanx Simon E.)
  • Added new settings dialog
  • Added client version option
  • Added rollback size option
  • Added auto-follow redirects option
  • Removed some level 4 warnings when compiling
  • Almost made compatible with VC++ 7.0 (You still have to change one line in the WTL to compile due to changes in ATL...)
  • Fixed some performance issues with large download queues (the app was doing a lot of unnecessary saving...). This should also solve the problems people have had with unsaved settings...
  • Corrected transfer list display (Offline/Online users)
  • Added search flood detection (If more than 5 searches are received from the same user within 7 seconds, DC++ will send out a warning)
  • Added /dc++, /search , /slots #, /refresh and /join commands in the main chat
  • Added option to disable clearing of the search box
  • Added option to select full rows in all list boxes
  • Added option to automatically remove download sources if \"File Not Available\" is received
  • Fixed close hub window bug
  • Hopefully fixed another crash bug
  • Added text and background color selection
  • Added font selection (Only for chat windows so far...)
  • Added option to remove hidden files from share
  • Increased the size of the toolbar icons a bit
  • Fixed another bug where users could download files that were not shared

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