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* NEW! Anti-Leak Configuration:
- A new default configuration is introduced to make D+ show fewer number of popup alerts while still remaining leak proof.
* NEW! On-Demand Virus Scanning:
- CFP now provides an option to scan for viruses during the installation and from its graphical user interface
* NEW! A-VSMART Warranty Program:
- CFP now provides the users an option to enroll one of the available A-VSMART Warranty programs
* IMPROVED! Self-Defense:
- There has been various reports that CFP 3.0 is attacked by some malware to disable its protection.
The self defense has been modified such that an ungraceful termination of CFP will block every unknown action (i.e. it will function as if \"Block all unknown actions if the application is closed\" option is selected. This option was not enabled by default).
* IMPROVED! Default Configuration:
- Default configuration now protects more registry keys and more COM interfaces.
- Default Web Browser and FTP Client policies are modified to support passive FTP requests
* IMPROVED! Handling of known code executing applications:
- Defense+ has been modified such that some known code executing programs such as rundll32.exe or windows scripting host are not automatically trusted anymore.
* IMPROVED! Pending Files:
- Defense+ has been modified such that it is not going to report any pending files if it is not in clean PC mode.
* FIXED! Bugs in Defense+ Engine:
- Fixed numerous bugs that could stop Defense+ to properly handle the suspicious actions(e.g.bugs in registry and file protection, key logging etc).
- Fixed the bug that could prevent CFP from functioning properly in certain types of hardware configurations(e.g. when a USB harddisk is present etc.).
* FIXED! Minor Bugs in the Graphical User Interface

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