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FIXED! VPN Clients can now connect to VPN servers while CFP is installed
FIXED! cmdagent.exe no longer consumes 100% CPU64 Mb RAM
FIXED! System reboot no longer takes too long when CFP is installed with some other security software, e.g. avast!
FIXED! CFP can now find the application behind a connection (for example Kaspersky web scanner)
FIXED! \"System Idle Process\" is now changed to \"Windows Operating System\" to describe application less traffic (So no more \"System Idle Process\" in CFP)
FIXED! Internet Connection Sharing (ICS): CFP is now compatible with ICS servers (users will be required to answer some popup alerts)
FIXED! System performance has been improved
FIXED! Defense+ no longer allows some applications to modify a protected file if it is not allowed
FIXED! Eliminated 8.3 path conversion and its associated duplicate entries/not remembering my answer problems (e.g. for BOClean or AVG)
FIXED! If CFP.exe is active, trying to rerun cfp.exe will activate the currently active CFP.exe instance now
FIXED! Accidental BLOCK/ALLOW for image execution popups are NOT remembered through out the application life time anymore (This means if an application is blocked/allowed from being executed without remembering, it will be asked again).
FIXED! Default global rules for NON-P2P mode has now been changed to allow various incoming ICMP messages that affects windows updates and trace routing applications

FIXED! New application signature database has been introduced; the size and format has been significantly changed to prevent false alerts from some AV programs
FIXED! Crashes while opening help file from the GUI links have been eliminated
FIXED! Crashes related to password protection dialog have also been eliminated

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