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Beyond Compare 3.3.2

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Beyond Compare 3.3.2  Girişi değiştir

* Archives
- Fixed support for extended characters in filenames within zip archives (broken in 3.3.0).
* Folder Compare
- Fixed issues with junction points/symbolic links when loading two overlapping comparisons.
* Hex Compare
- Fixed Find crash when searching for an odd number of hex characters.
* Linux
- Fixed support for comparing GIF images in the Picture Compare.
* Misc
- Fixed crash when scaled thumbnail is too small to show anything.
* Registry Compare
- Fixed parsing multi-line strings in .reg files.
- Fixed support for parsing .reg files with line endings in key/value names.
* Reports
- Fixed generating a report from a script with no files selected so it still includes a report header.
- Fixed mixed file report header (for example, when first selected files are pictures).
- Fixed crash when changing text "Patch" report styles after previewing one.
* Text Views
- Fixed "Find" and "Replace All" not matching the word the cursor is in if "Wrap Search" is checked.

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