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Beyond Compare 3.2.2

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# Notable Changes
- Added Registry Compare view.
- Added Text Edit view which includes "Find in Files" command.
- File Compare Report can now mix reports from different views(text/hex/data/picture/etc).
- Added "Text content" to Folder Compare's "Other Filters".
- Added "Follow Symbolic Links" folder compare option which controls whether symbolic links are shown as files or the link target.
- Added support for comparing, copying, and deleting symbolic links and NTFS junction points.
- Added support for bzip2 and bzipped tar archives.
- Added read/write support for Debian .deb packages (Linux only).
- Added read-only support for Total Commander packer (wcx) plugins.
- Added layout, rotate, and flip commands to Picture Compare, along with various other enhancements.
- Added "Exclude protected operating system files" option that excludes system and hidden files, folders, and junction points (Windows only). Enabled by default.
- Added support for SSH2 authentication using OpenSSH's ssh-agent and PuTTY's pageant.
- Added "Ignore Same Changes" Text Merge command.
- Added "View->Detached Output Pane" Text Merge command to show output pane in separate window.

# Archives
- Added support for bzip2 and bzipped tar archives.
- Added read-only support for Total Commander packer (wcx) plugins.
- Added read/write support for Debian .deb packages (Linux only).
- Added support for reading/writing symlinks in zip and tar archives.
- Added option to follow symbolic links when saving snapshots, along with "follow-symlinks" option for SNAPSHOT script command.
- Snapshots now save whether an item is a symbolic link or not (to show arrow overlay), and what the target path is.
- Saving a snapshot now stops when it detects a recursive symlink.
- Fixed crash saving a snapshot containing a filename longer than 255 bytes.
- Fixed snapshot CRCs changing to "<invalid>" after loading a new comparison.
- Fixed .tar file size changing to an incorrect value if the archive included a folder named './'.
- Fixed crash when saving a large snapshot on Win9x or when Logitech SetPoint is installed.
- Fixed .tar archives showing Unix mode without 'l' for symlinks or 'd' for folders.
- Fixed .tar support for archives larger than 2GB.

# Command Line
- Added switch for single pane editor (/edit).
- Scripts, /qc, /automerge will now keep running if loading toolbar/folder/misc icons fails.

# Data Compare
- "MS Excel Workbooks" format no longer processes macros, if they exist.
- "BOM" is now shown in the "File Info" panel if a byte order mark is detected.
- Improved intraline comparisons of non-string data.
- Fixed intermittent crash when cancelling an unsorted alignment.
- Fixed editing a cell so it doesn't affect the raw text of other cells.
- Fixed hang trying to load certain binary files.
- Fixed editing multiline cells introducing additional rows.
- Fixed crash loading a file with no detectable delimiters.
- Fixed changing default column handling to recompare if necessary.
- Fixed crash when pasting columns in session settings dialog.
- Fixed trimming whitespace so it no longer removes other control characters.
- Fixed handling of cells that only contain whitespace.

# File Formats
- Added comment definition to "Registry Dumps" file format.
- Added apostrophe delimited "string" to "HTML" file format.
- Fixed RTF-to-Text conversion for hyphen characters and keywords with mixed case.
- Fixed external conversion error message including wrong exit code.
- Fixed XML Tidy external conversions of filenames containing a '=' or ';'character.

# File Views
- Added "Open with Text Edit" command.
- "Compare Parent Folders" now selects files from file compare (if aligned).
- "Editing disabled" now shown for read-only resources (ex. CHM files).
- "Next/Previous Difference Files" now traverses files in "Compare Contents" results dialog if opened from it.
- "File Info" panels now highlight differences in file format, character encoding, line ending style, etc.
- Added support for horizontal scrolling to MP3 and Version comparisons.
- Improved font dropdown captions.
- Orphan and empty file comparisons no longer show comparison result in status bar.
- Re-added "Load time" to status bar display.
- Fixed support for editing files via NTFS symbolic links (Vista & Windows 7).
- Fixed detecting external file changes if file's size changes but its last modified time doesn't.
- Fixed external change detection so it doesn't flag transitioning from a partial date-only timestamp to a full one.
- Fixed toggling "Single vertical scrollbar" tweak.
- Fixed intraline difference display when mismatched characters are bold.
- Fixed "Compare Files Using" after using "Open Clipboard".
- Fixed crash after saving a file.
- Removed "File->New File" command from all views except "Text Edit"
- Changed various commands to disable instead of hide when they're not available.
- Fixed "Copy File to Left/Right" confirmation to be shown again after clearing parent session.
- Fixed "Compare to Clipboard" support for external conversions for the "selection" side.
- Fixed unimportance handling of embedded line endings in data, MP3,registry, and version compares.
- Fixed color of visible line endings in data, MP3, registry, and version compares.
- Fixed "Open With" %l value when positioned on a gap.

# Folder Compare
- Added "Text Content" file filter.
- "File Compare Report" now determines which kind of session to use for each file.
- Added "Exclude protected operating system files" option that excludes system and hidden files, folders, and junction points. Enabled by default.
- Added support for comparing, copying, and deleting NTFS junction points and symbolic links. Copying symbolic links requires administrator privileges.
- Added "Follow symbolic links" option to Folder Compare "Handling" tab for Windows.
- Added "Find Filename" dialog with advanced search options. Incremental search no longer opens separate dialog.
- Added "Add To Presets" button to "Name Filters" session settings tab.
- Archives (.zip, .tar, etc) can now be opened using the "Open With -> Hex Compare" menu item.
- Added support for ';' characters in filename masks. They will be escaped as [;] automatically in the filters edit string.
- "Sync" commands now default to "Just Selection".
- "Up One Level -> Both Sides" now selects previous base folders.
- "Copy to Left/Right" now respects /nobackups switch.
- "Compare Contents" results dialog now differentiates between CRC and binary comparisons.
- Log now shows when running file operations have been cancelled.
- Added "Browse for Folder" commands to "Session" menu.
- Improved "Alignment Override" dialog's regular expression support.
- "Quick Compare" now supports comparing archives.
- Tweaked "Touch" calendar layout.
- "Folder Compare Info" dialog can now display "Unscanned folders".
- "Folder Compare Info" now lists unopened archives if treating as a file.
- "Filters" combobox now has separator line between presets and MRU list.
- "Comparison Results" dialog now shows results in the same order as the comparison.
- Minor speed improvements.
- Fixed crashes when Logitech SetPoint is loaded.
- Fixed "Compare Contents" dialog so it only allows CRC comparisons if one of the base folders is snapshot.
- Fixed caption showing progress percentage after cancelling file operation.
- Fixed sort changing unexpectedly when sorting by the path column and opening a file view in a new window.
- Fixed file handle leak when using a background content comparison.
- Fixed crash when deleting files that are waiting for a background content comparison.
- Fixed "Exclude files smaller than filter" so it doesn't match files with unknown sizes.
- Fixed using "Ignore Folder Structure" and "Archive handle -> As folders always" together so it no longer includes both the zip files and their content.
- Fixed crash if a folder was deleted/renamed while it or one of its subfolders was being built.
- Fixed flicker on Windows 7.
- Fixed folder sizes incorrectly including sizes of symlinked folders.
- Fixed "Exclude" path handling when ignoring folder structure.
- Fixed "Text content" filter Unicode support.
- "Open With->Text Edit" is now customizable.
- Fixed crash after performing file operations.
- Fixed rename to show a filename if all of the selected files are the same if the last rename used regular expressions.
- Fixed crash when double clicking in "Compare Contents" results dialog to open a file comparison.
- Fixed file operation confirmation dialogs resizing if closed while building folders.
- Fixed crash when rapidly using file view's "Next Difference Files" (Ctrl+M) command.
- Fixed "Browse for Folder" initial folder when the edited path contains environmental variables (e.g,. %Temp%).

# Folder Sync
- Added ability to override sync actions on a per-item basis.
- Added "Next/Previous Conflict" commands, replacing "Next/Previous Difference".
- "Expand subfolders when loading session" is now enabled by default.
- Fixed "Nothing to Sync" appearing after sync has completed.
- Tweaked "Session Settings" dialog layout and options:
- Moved "Sync empty folders" and "Use recycle bin if possible" from "Sync" tab to "Handling" tab.
- Removed "Only expand subfolders with differences" option.
- Condensed "Archive handling" radio group to a "Synchronize within archives" checkbox.

- Added support for SSH2 authentication using OpenSSH's ssh-agent and PuTTY's pageant.
- Added support for copying symlinks over FTP and SFTP. Supported by OpenSSH, proftpd, ncftpd, hpss, ioftpd.
- Improved "Fast" symlink detection so symlinks pointing to files in the same parent folder will be updated based on the available folder information.
- Symlinks detected incorrectly using "Fast" symlink detection will now switch to the opposite type if retrieving the file or loading the folder listing fails.
- Improved "Open File on FTP Site" and "Save File on FTP Site As" dialogs.
- Changing username in response to an invalid login attempt now updates the session path.
- Added "*.sh" to the default ASCII transfer list.
- Added support for Treck Embedded FTP Server's directory listings.
- Fixed cancel and error handling when browsing for a folder.
- Fixed support for XCRC on servers that fail for 0-byte files.
- Fixed ProFTPD/Pure-Ftpd detection to use MFMT instead of SITE UTIME if it's supported.
- Fixed support for NET+OS folder listings with odd permissions.
- Fixed crash trying to a save text file with no line endings.
- Fixed setting last modified times on ProFTPD/Pure-FTPd servers that aren't using UTF-8 for filenames.
- Fixed changing "Force faster uploads on older OpenSSH servers" to enable the profile "Save" button.

# Hex Compare
- Tweaked "Go To" dialog size.

# Home View
- Pressing [Enter] when multiple sessions are selected now opens all of them.

# Linux
- Added "Follow Symbolic Links" folder compare option which controls whether symbolic links are shown as files or the link target.
- "Check For Updates" can now install update automatically.
- Environmental variable expansion now looks for $ENV instead of %ENV%.
- Running Beyond Compare for the first time now copies /etc/skel/.beyondcompare to ~/.beyondcompare if it exists.
- Added checkboxes for disabling file formats in "File Formats" dialog and folder compare session settings.
- BC3Key.txt will now be installed if it's in the same folder as the RPM or DEB package.
- Added support for storing Unix mode in zip files.
- Improved text editor responsiveness and reduced excess flicker.
- Removed STABS debug information (reduces executable size by ~12MB).
- Fixed hang when saving.
- Fixed hang when saving.
- Fixed loading paths with a filename containing two leading periods.
- Fixed determination of whether session is auto-saved.
- Fixed "Permission denied" errors incorrectly showing "Invalid parameter" error message when loading folders.
- Fixed non-resizable dialogs opening at the wrong size.
- Fixed Home View so it fits with default settings on a 1024x768 screen.
- Fixed Text Edit instability.
- Fixed detecting BC3Key.txt when installing .deb using 'sudo dpkg -i ...'.
- Fixed "Open With->Associated Application" failing for paths containing spaces.
- Fixed hang when trying to expand a path containing a '$' followed by a non-alphanumeric character.
- Fixed deleted symlinks not being removed from the comparison if "Follow Symbolic Links" was enabled.
- Fixed adding files to zip archives to set the VersionMadeBy field correctly.
- Fixed hint window not passing clicks to the parent window if a modal dialog is open.
- Fixed crash when trying to change FTP server timezone.
- Fixed dialog context-sensitive help when using the window manager's [?] button.
- Fixed rearranging session tabs using drag & drop.
- Fixed text editor acting like a mouse button was held down after prompting to reload due to external changes.
- Fixed data compare multi-line cell scrollbars.
- Fixed dialogs appearing on the wrong monitor on multi-monitor systems.
- Fixed symlinks with relative paths incorrectly being flagged as read-only.
- Fixed installer support for copying BC3Key.txt.

# Misc
- Added "Edit Text File" to "Tools" menu.
- Added "Compare to Registry" and "Edit with Beyond Compare" commands to shell extension.
- Added incremental search to numerous treeviews and lists (type characters to position).
- Added "Help->Context Sensitive Help" command.
- "ExePath", "Version", "SupportsMerge", and "Expired" flags are now written to both the "Beyond Compare 3" and "Beyond Compare" registry keys. "ExePath" and "Version" are written to both HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and HKEY_CURRENT_USER.
- Improved behavior when using "backup 'abc.txt' to folder" if target path is empty.
- Improved confirmation dialog when using "Session->Exit" and "Session->Load Workspace" commands.
- Improved behavior of Windows 7 taskbar live previews.
- Improved "Save Snapshot" user interface and added FTP support.
- Rearranged "Tools" menu.
- Added and tweaked icons for various commands.
- Double clicking in a path edit now selects between path delimiters instead of between spaces.
- Added support for assigning keyboard shortcuts to saved Workspaces.
- Standard edition no longer includes non-functional text replacement and version control commands.
- Session "Info" dialogs are now resizable.
- Clicking on the "Expand" button in a treeview no longer tries to preserve the current offset.
- Double clicking now only affects treeviews if the mouse is over the selected node.
- Fixed various tree views so clicking on expand/collapse button no longer changes current item.
- Fixed crash when window focus changes while closing.
- Fixed crash on startup if BC3Key.txt isn't readable.
- Fixed crash on startup if deleting a previous instance's temp files failed.
- Fixed crashes when starting a second instance while the first is shutting down.
- Fixed crash when trying to overwrite a read-only settings file.
- Fixed button hints in translated releases.
- Fixed calendar day abbreviations in translated releases.
- Fixed clicking past the last item in a listview so it no longer clears the selection.
- Fixed appearance of owner-draw read-only comboboxes on Vista & Windows 7.
- Fixed error handling to return better error messages.
- Fixed crash when exporting settings when shared sessions are loaded.
- Fixed detection of when to automatically hide toolbars.
- Fixed displaying popup hints containing a #0 character.
- Fixed crash on startup when using a revoked license key.

# MP3 Compare
- Added incremental search.

# Options
- Added "Add Plug-in..." button to "Archive Associations" to install Total Commander packer plugins.
- Added "Use New Compare Colors" folder view tweak (Ctrl+Shift+T) to give preview of proposed BC4 folder coloring.
- "Archive Associations" list is now sorted.
- Import and Export dialogs are now resizable.
- Improved editing Folder Compare "Name filter presets".
- Exporting settings now forces an archive association (.bcpkg/.zip) when saving.
- Fixed support for shell extension's "Command line switches" tweak.
- Fixed Export/Import to require at least some settings to be acted on.
- Fixed Import population of confirmation list.
- Fixed Export/Import File Format helpers unicode handling.
- Fixed "File Compare Colors" handling of "Background Contrast" slider so background coloring can be disabled.
- Fixed "Import Settings..." crash when trying to import an invalid zip.
- Fixed session dropdown so it stays on screen.

# Picture Compare
- Added "Blend Mode" that blends images at customizable percentage.
- Added "Rotate Clockwise", "Rotate Counterclockwise", "Flip Horizontally",and "Flip Vertically" commands.
- Added "Difference Side-by-side", "Difference Over-under", "Difference Underneath", "Only Difference", "Side-by-side", and "Over-under" layouts, replacing "Hide Difference Panel" command.
- Added "Show transparency as checkerboarding" option.
- Moved the offset display from the status bar to the "View" toolbar.
- Added the position and color of the pixel under the mouse cursor to the status bars for each pane.
- Right image position now matches what's shown in the difference image.
- Zoom using mouse wheel now scrolls to keep same area of picture under cursor.
- Changed icons for comparison modes.
- "File Info" panel no longer lists file format.
- Improved error handling when running out of memory.
- Removed ".cut" (Dr. Halo) file type from default file format.
- Fixed stretched image to show in new dimensions even if original had transparency.
- Fixed difference offset calculation when mouse is dragged in center image
- Fixed crash when loading a valid PNG image.
- Fixed hang loading corrupt TGA images.

# Reports
- Added Hex Compare "Interleaved" layout.
- Data Compare "Summary" report now supports word wrap in printed output.
- Folder Compare "Summary" report can now display "Unscanned Folders".
- Fixed HTML report word wrapping.
- Fixed Hex Compare "Side-by-side" report's handling of non-printable characters and ANSI text.
- Fixed handling of same items when using non-default "same color" options.
- Fixed handling of font bold/italic.
- Fixed file report handling of huge amounts of files

# Scripting
- Added script SNAPSHOT "follow-symlinks" option. **Default is off, which does not match earlier BC behavior.
- FILE-REPORT command now determines which kind of session to use for each file.
- Added MP3-REPORT command. Supports SIDE-BY-SIDE and SUMMARY layout options.
- Added PICTURE-REPORT command. Supports SIDE-BY-SIDE and SUMMARY layout options.
- Added REG-REPORT command. Supports SIDE-BY-SIDE and SUMMARY layout options.
- Added "n of nn" counts to file operation progress in scripting dialog.
- "LOG NONE <filename>" is now considered a syntax error.
- "LOG NONE" will no longer try to create a log file.
- Fixed crash when using "SELECT EMPTY.FOLDERS" script command.
- Fixed support for scripts encoded as UTF-16.
- Scripts no longer give an error if you try to load a folder compare session with the same name as a non-folder compare session.
- Improved error handling of scripts with malformed characters.
- Fixed 3.2.0 crash when using file-report with no files selected.
- Fixed FILE-REPORT failing when more than 65,000 files are selected.

# Text Edit
- Fixed "Find in Files" results splitter being lost when switching between tabs.
- Fixed "File in Files" Unicode support.
- Using "Find in Files" a second time now cancels previous search instead of waiting for it to complete.
- Closing "Find in Files" results panel now cancels the search.

# Text Views
- Improved display of control characters.
- Improved "Line Weight" dialog's regular expression support.
- "BOM" is now shown in the "File Info" panels if a byte order mark is detected.
- Fixed restoring position when reloading when the cursor is on empty end of file line.
- Fixed support for editing files that don't have any line ending characters.
- Fixed "Copy Line to Other Side" to follow "Go to next difference after copying to other side" option.
- Fixed scrollbars not updating when necessary.
- Fixed crash when closing view with a malformed HTML file open in the webview.
- Fixed "Replace All" with wrapping modifying the wrong characters.
- Fixed "Aligned Details" mode to only use double-wide character handling if necessary.
- Fixed data loss when changing "Characters per line" file format setting after making edits.
- Fixed character alignment when replacements are found.
- Find Dialog's "Select All" button is now enabled when specific side chosen(left, right, output).
- Improved Find handling of multi-byte UTF-8 characters.
- Fixed "Find Previous" when nothing is selected and the match can be the current or previous character (ex "." regex).
- Removed unnecessary editor invalidation/flicker when moving the cursor.
- Fixed find handling of multi-byte characters.

# Text Compare
- Added "Aligned Details" option that shows character alignment in the line details area with fixed-width font and gaps.
- Added support for Unicode characters in Microsoft Word files.
- Editing binary/read-only files now prompts for permission.
- "Replacements" command is now enabled even if the current text is matching or an orphan.
- Fixed crash when editing affects whether or not file has mixed line endings.
- Fixed crash when auto-indenting on a blank line.
- Fixed crash when using replacements.
- Fixed crash when using "Go to next difference after copying to other side" changes the line ending style.

# Text Merge
- Added "Ignore Same Changes" command.
- Added "View->Detached Output Pane" command to show output pane in separate window.
- Lines that only exist in the ancestor no longer show as gaps if the center pane is hidden.
- Improved difference coloring in ancestor (center) when there are conflicting changes.

# Version Compare
- Added support for comparing all strings in "Variable Info" section instead of just a known list.
- Added ability to get as much version information as possible when reading malformed files.
- Added incremental search.
- Improved error message when no version info available.
- File size is no longer compared explicitly.
- "File Size" is now shown as different if files are not binary same.

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