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The Beta 3 build of AIM 6.8 is now available and ready for testing. We've heard your feedback and made some significant updates to this version.

Look for changes to the way we display plugins at the bottom of your Buddy List® window. We've pulled them out from behind the control panel and now you can access them with just a click on the icon. Don't miss the following updates as well:

* Click the Get More link and browse our Featured Developers, Most Downloaded, and Most Recently Updated plugins
* Slide the curtain up to view more plugins
* Click the Manage link to de-activate, uninstall plugins
* AIM Call Out is back in this version
* New plugins! Single/multiplayer games, sync your AIM and Twitter status messages, list of your most frequent IM buddies and more

The Save/Load Buddy List Feature is Back!
You've been asking, and we've FINALLY brought it back - Save your Buddy List as a text file that can be easily shared with friends, added to your new screen name, used as a back-up for AIM, or loaded into AIM on another computer. You'll find this new feature under the AIM menu on the Buddy List.

Continue to test our Real-Time IM feature, look for Real-Time IM Info link at the top of this page for details.

Special Note:
If you installed the previous AIM 6.8 Beta 2 build, you will need to delete your old default set of plugins. Uninstall them by right-clicking the old plugin icon displayed on the Buddy List, or click Manage to uninstall from settings.

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