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- The application now features a color picker that allows you to change the color of Buddy List and other related window elements. The picker, located next to Help menu on your Buddy List, includes 10 colors, including the default orange color.
- Another new feature gives you the ability to change the style of your Buddy List's groups and screen names. You can do this via your Settings window's Style tab.
- Sub-sorting of Buddy List groups has been implemented in this build. Simply select the appropriate menu item from a Buddy List group's right mouse button contextual menu to invoke this new functionality.
- Your Buddy List window can be docked to left or right of your desktop. You may turn docking on via your Settings window's Buddy List tab.
- UI changes have been introduced with respect to the way linked screen names are displayed in your Buddy List. The status button of all linked names should now be displayed at top of your Buddy List. Clicking a screen name's button will display the buddies associated with that name.

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