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Adobe Air

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# New features for mobile applications iOS Support
* iOS support: 4.0 and above
* iOS Hardware Support:
- iPod Touch 3rd gen and iPod Touch 4th gen
- iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4
- iPad
* Changes from PFI to ADT for packaging iOS applications
* iOS applications built with the "Packager for iPhone" cannot be updated with AIR 2.6
* GPU rendering changes for iOS
* Multitasking support for iOS
* Microphone for iOS
* Read from camera roll for iOS
* CameraUI for iOS
* Camera for iOS
* Retina display support in the AIR for iOS
* StageWebView for iOS
* Capture bitmap of StageWebView
* Programmatic control of soft keyboard
* Disable automatic panning and resizing behavior on the display of a soft keyboard
* Android USB drivers for Windows are bundled with AIR SDK for Windows
* USB device debugging for Android
* Text field interaction mode on Android
* Alternate Android market URLs

# Other new features
* Owned NativeWindow for desktop
* Native Menu event refinement for desktop
* Image decoding policy
* LoaderContext parent and parameters
* NetConnection.httpIdleTimeout
* Linux vector printing
* New -version option added to ADT
* Native mouse cursors

# Changes
Following changes have been made to Screen Orientation APIs
* supportedOrientations property is added to stage.
* existing autoOrients property is writable now.
* setOrientation method is restored, this method was marked as deprecated in AIR 2.5.
* orientation property is restored, this property was marked as deprecated in AIR 2.5.
* ORIENTATION_CHANGING event is restored, this event was marked as deprecated in AIR 2.5.

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