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# New Features:

* Print Job Enhancements
New properties and methods have been added to the PrintJob class to give you better control of the way content is printed from an AIR application, including the choice of printer, paper size, and number of copies. New properties also give you more information about the printer, such as printable area, whether the printer will print in color, and whether the print job is currently active. The new PrintJobOptions.printMethod property allows you specify whether to use bitmap or vector printing. The PrintJobOptions.pixelsPerInch property allows you to specify the resolution of print jobs. The new PrintUIOptions (win/mac only) class allows you to control how much the end user can change the page range to be printed. See PrintJob, PrintJobOptions, and PrintUIOptions.

* TLS/SSL sockets
You can now connect to a server that requires TLSv1 or SSLv3 for socket communications. See SecureSocket and Secure client sockets (AIR).

* Flash Access support
You can now play protected content managed by Flash Access.

* IME API/IME Text Input Enhancements
Several new features added in this release support better text input handling with IME software. The new API is designed for use with the new Flash Text Engine (FTE). The legacy IME API still supports the TextField class. The new API enhances the overall IME text input quality so that it works better and with more stability than in previous versions. You can use the following new IME APIs in this release:
> Class:
- imeClient:IIMEClient Property
> flash.text.ime Package:
- flash.text.ime.IIMEClient Interface
- flash.text.ime.CompositionAttributeRange Class
> flash.text.engine Package:
- flash.text.engine.ITextSupport Interface

# Other changes:

* The Socket class now includes a remoteAddress property. This allows an application to obtain the IP address of incoming connections to a ServerSocket object.
* Installation log files are now automatically written to disk.

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