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XnView 1.91.4

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Improved/Changed :

Display color info not saved -
batch convert - transformations in a tree -
metadata export in 1 menu entry -
In view mode, Edit IPTC can write (lossless) or only set IPTC data -
Deinterlace in Filter -
Remove some items from context menu -
Option - \\\'Open all selected images\\\' & \\\'Maximize View when Open\\\' removed
\\\'Combine mask\\\' removed, option/Use transparency/alpha is now the only option
Fixed :

Problem with EXE slideshow (grey picture)
Problem in duplicate/Rename
Problem with user ratio -
Problem with switch W/H selection -
Fix some camera RAW problems
Batch rename : can add \\ char, so replace it with -
Problem to search in all fields -
Problem with cropping & Xdpi != Ydpi
dbl click in batch convert/transformations -
bad tooltips on tabs -
Open action is no more used by menu
Fix a problem between TC & \\\'Only one instance\\\' option
Labels for EXIF XML always in english
Crash if click on close between a search -
Browser info not refreshed -
panorama - problem with sort menu
No picture in about box if not in english
Sending an unsaved scan via e-mail fails -
Double-click should open slide show -
Treeview scroll horizontally for a drop -
rename dialog won\\\'t change case -
\"Acquire into...\" overwrites files... -
Browser : Rename dialog option -
USB event failed -
no drop shadow effect in Batch convert -
long comment and \\\'Thumbnails & Details\\\' view crash -
File selection error with quick find key -
Groupbox for options, Wording -
Slideshow goes forward in steps of 2 with RMB -
Creating folder in folder tree with F7 pb -
RMB + CTRL open windows explorer context menu -
Cannot add DNG files using Add Folder dialog -
PB Filetype icon for RAW files :
bug capture memory leak :
Rotate delete metadata
Problem EXIF/IPTC kept by sending email
Problem PDF B&W LZW/RLE/ZIP hide of treeview
Problem Outlook 2003 Open several files with another program?
\\\'Open With\\\' program added at the end
After search, menu/tools/batch rename is disabled
Add, Edit & sort in favorites : &
thumbnail + labels => folder with \\\'.\\\' (filename without extension)
View mode, Ctrl+C copy filename too
Too space in filmstrip -
Pb description after rename (view mode) -
Template filename number, pb with number in extension -
Color used on active Tab -
Open With - use descrption instead filename -
Scan into can\\\'t add more than 100 pages
Problem in PDF title -
Problem with descript.ion and delete/move file -
NConvert export, -rflag -
Fix thumbnail for 2bits picture
WBC fix
view mode - move go to next file -
Problem Fit Desktop & taskbar -
\\\'Not Fit\\\' problem with fullscreen -
CMYK JPEG too dark
exe slideshow don\\\'t use EXIF rotation
tooltips problem -
no custom open with in popup menu after search -
OP/Canvas resize - following orientation
Problem EXIF geotags -
Problem TAB - iptc control -
Gamma & TC -
Describe (Ctrl+D) doesn\\\'t works in fullscreen
Problem to copy exif data in properties
New extract picture from movie (preview)
Capture doesn\\\'t restore xnview window state -
XPM problem (2 chars)
Crash with BAD FLC
Problem with some KDC
TIFF with nsamples>3 and 16bits
PGM 16bits
Pb with mouse on dual monitor - &
Second Monitor will not show slide show -
Problem en \\\'force xnview to fit\\\' grey area -
Problem in slideshow dialog with videos (not shown always) -

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