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WinPatrol 7.0

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  • Scotty Handles More Internet Explorer Helpers
  • When we introduced WinPatrol 6 we added monitoring and control of so called Browser Helper Objects. Our newest version adds support for Internet Explorer Toolbar objects. You may be surprised to find out what programs have been added to your browser even though it's not obvious.
  • If you're upgrading from a previous WinPatrol version the first time you run WinPatrol 7.0 you will be asked to confirm a few Toobar Extensions that are found.
  • Right-Click Context Menus
  • We were very proud of our recent review by CNet's but one of the items they pointed out was that WinPatrol lacked Context Menus that are pretty common and expected by Windows users. Right-Click on any program and see immediately what your options are.
  • HOSTS file monitoring and locking
  • The HOSTS file was intended as a way to speed up internet access but has been a popular way for adware programs to redirect you from your intended location. WinPatrol 7.0 will allow you to lock your HOSTS file and will monitor changes in case some malicious program unlocks and makes changes.
  • More spacious Interface
  • See more information then ever before. While we're still working on a completely resizable window that works on all platforms, WinPatrol 7 provides longer lists and more helpful text.
  • New and Faster Cookie Access
  • Our Nuts feature has become a popular way to filter out cookies but we noticed when too many nuts were added Scotty would slow down a little too much. You'll notice anytime you access your cookies the list will come up a lot faster now. The Nuts window is also a little larger to better describe how Nuts work to new users. By popular request we also display cookies pre-sorted so the more recent cookies are on top.
  • Window Position Memory
  • You may like to have WinPatrol positioned in a particular location on your screen. Scotty now remembers where he was so the next time you wake him up the window will be positioned in the same location as last time.
  • Start and Search Pages per User
  • WinPatrol now handles systems with multiple users who may have different Internet Start and Search Pages so this option doesn't need to be turned off by those users.
  • More Accessible Uninstall
  • WinPatrol has always provided an Uninstaller which could be found in the Windows Control Panel's Add/Remove Applet. We've found that this isn't always obvious so you'll now find the WinPatrol Uninstaller listed on the Programs menu.
  • Free Info Button
  • Now along with PLUS information available to PLUS users, there's a Free Info button to make non-PLUS users aware of the Top Ten Most Unwanted Programs just in case they need help with something really bad.
  • Are You Sure?
  • You'll find we've added a couple "Are you Sure" type messages where mistakes have been made. No more reseting the name and reg code by accident and no removing all cookies without a warning.
  • More Descriptive Text
  • More information is available when checking Info on programs on your system. The font will change to make it more obvious when local information is available. When errors are made entering your name and PLUS code our message will be more useful.
  • Fixed a few couple bugs
  • For years nobody noticed that the time we displayed for cookie creation was not local time. It's been fixed!
  • The version displayed in the program Alert Box, would sometimes be covered.
  • Fixed sort by version in the Startup Program list
  • Some video displays would not properly resize text and list boxes so that buttons and PLUS code boxes on certain Windows 2000/XP were not visible.
  • Additional Text strings were fixed that weren't available in German and French.

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