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TortoiseSVN 1.6.2

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This is a bugfix/maintenance release.

Version 1.6.2
- BUG: Error message about non-LF commit messages when using messages with
non-ASCII text. (Stefan)
- BUG: Dragging files/folders from the repository browser or the status
list control to the explorer could result in a DEP exception. (Stefan)
- BUG: The pathList passed to CheckCommit() only contained the parent folder
for recursive commits, not all selected items. (Stefan)
- BUG: TortoiseMerge duplicated the last line when saving UCS-2 files. (Stefan)
- BUG: Using a commit message from the history could result in an error
about "only numbers are allowed" when trying to commit. (Stefan)
- BUG: Stealing a lock failed when using serf instead of neon. (Stefan)
- BUG: Segfault in TSVNCache. (Stefan)
- BUG: The merge dialog always used the wc url as the default. (Stefan)
- BUG: The pathlist in the OnCommitFinished() method did not contain
all committed paths. (Stefan)
- BUG: Copy-to-wc from the repository browser didn't work for single
files/folders. (Stefan)
- BUG: Comparing revisions in the log dialog before a rename returned
an error. (Stefan)
- BUG: The context menu in TortoiseBlame was shown on the wrong monitor
in multi-monitor setups. (Stefan)
- BUG: Saving the revision graph as a wmf file when the stripes option
was activated resulted in an invalid file. (Stefan)
- BUG: interactive merging of binary files always left the file conflicted,
ignoring the "Use local" and/or "Use repository" buttons. (Stefan)
- BUG: TSVN didn't work on Win2k if it wasn't fully updated and
IE6 installed. (Stefan)
- BUG: The options button in the settings dialog to add an IBugTraqProvider
was only shown the first time and invisible the next times. (Stefan)
- BUG: the IBugTraqProviders were not used if only set with the
bugtraq:provideruuid but the providers were never configured in
the settings dialog. (Stefan)
- BUG: Importing files by dragging them onto the repository browser didn't
work on Vista. (Stefan)
- BUG: Failed externals weren't treated as errors in the autoclose
setting for the progress dialog. (Stefan)
- BUG: Setting the external diff by mime-type didn't work for longer
mime-types. (Stefan)
- BUG: Excluding the context menu from showing for certain paths didn't
work for the explorer tree view, only the list view. (Stefan)
- BUG: Warnings were shown repeatedly when updating multiple folders
at once and a conflict in one update happened. (Stefan)
- BUG: Deadlock in the TSVNCache.exe process. (Stefan)

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