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ToDoList 6.5

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ToDoList 6.5  Girişi değiştir

- Added custom user-defined attributes
- Added support for relative dates in 'Find Tasks'
- Added table support to rtf comments
- Added full-justify support to rtf comments
- Added RTF support for increment/decrement font size>Added checks to prevent overwriting taskfiles when exporting to 'tasklist'
- Added preference to control default task icons
- Added support for filtering on calendar view
- Allowed exporting of multiple tasklists with 'selected task' filter
- Added 'Task Recurrence...' command to Edit menu
- Added 'Go to Task Dependency' command to Edit menu
- Added 'Sort' command to top of Sort menu
- Added icons to rich text context menu
- Added missing commands to rich-text context menu
- Added time estimate/spent alpha key to set units (eg typing '10d', will now set the value to 10 and the units to days)
- Moved Calendar to tabbed view
- Made preferences scrollable => scalable
- Restored last custom filter on startup
- MS Word now used for RTF2HTML conversion
- Improved 2 way conversion with FreeMind
- Heaps of fixes and tweaks

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