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Spyware Terminator Beta  Girişi değiştir

(-)Improved interface of the program
(-)Improved layout of the scan tab
(-)Updated ClamAV to (ClamWin latest)
(-)Improved scanning - scans with Spyware Terminator should be faster, more efficient and more accurate.
(-)Improved scan layout - you will now be able to see what Spyware Terminator is doing while it scans.
(-)Improved layout of the post-scan options
(-)Improved Scan Reports - new font formatting makes reading scan reports easier.
(-)Improved Threat management - you can now select individual items for removal, including individual cookies.
(-)Improved Updates tab - we have added the "Refresh" button which solves many past issues and lets users do manual updates.
(-)Improved HIPS/ClamAV - you now do not need to do a full spyware scan to enable HIPS or ClamAV. When you enable HIPS, your system tray menu will say "Building Database"
(-)Improved proxy support - we have fixed issues with the proxy area.
(-)Redesigned Help Tab - we have renamed this tab "Help & Support" and have redesigned it to accomodate our more inexperienced users.
(-)Fixed many bugs - we have fixed many bugs that our users have been posting on our forums and ones that our internal testers have found.

(+)New System Summary tab - displays scan history info, update info, realtime protection info in an informative layout.
(+)HIPS Safe Database - radically improves the amount of time needed to initialize HIPS.
(+)More Custom scan options
(+)Custom scan profiles - you can store up to 5 custom scan profiles
(+)Scan Report History tab - Spyware Terminator can now store scan reports, configured in the settings
(+)Internet Protection tab - houses three new features: Cookies Scan, Favorites Scan, Immunize
(+)Cookies Scan*** - this will scan for bad cookies based on our WSG database (requires WSG)
(+)Favorites Scan*** - this will scan for bad favorites based on our WSG database (requires WSG)
(+)Immunize - this will inoculate your system from the execution of malicious code and content. Updates to this feature are included with Spyware Terminator updates.
(+)Offline Help - we now have a full offline help (CHM file) available for download through our program. Also we will offer updates to this help file when they become available.
(+)Added localization of Installation - the setup will now determine your computer's localization and cater the setup to you in your default language (supports only English, Spanish and Portuguese. More languages to come in the near future)

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