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SpeedFan 4.34

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SpeedFan 4.34  Girişi değiştir

- added full support for SiS964 SMBus
- added full support for SiS966 SMBus
- added full support for ULi M1575 SMBus
- added full support for VIA VT8237S SMBus
- added full support for VIA VT8251 SMBus
- added full support for nVidia MCP61 SMBus
- added full support to read internal temperatures on AMD K10 processors
- added native nVidia video card (up to, but excluding 8xxx) internal temperature reporting
- added full support for SMSC SCH5307
- added full support for F8000 temperatures and fan speeds
- added full support for SMSC EMCT03
- added full support for WINBOND W83793G, including ADVANCED options
- added support for Fintek F71782F hardware monitor at unusual addresses
- added support for Winbond W83627DHG at unusual addresses
- added support for ITE IT8726F hardware monitor at unusual addresses
- added support for a new stepping of the Andigilog aSC7621
- Winbond W83791D properly handles higher fan divisors for fan1, fan2 and fan3 and shows fan4 and fan5 too
- added full PWM support to SMSC LPC47B397, including settings in CONFIGURE / ADVANCED
- CONFIGURE now allows to go as low as -60C when selecting the DESIRED and WARNING levels to let users of the RELATIVE Intel Core temperature reading properly configure SpeedFan
- improved DDR2 memory module size detection
- added preliminary DDR3 identification
- new icon by Bengt Strom
- fixed an issue where Intel Core temperatures on multi core systems reported the same temperature for all cores
- improved Tjunction detection for Intel CORE temperatures (you might no longer need the temperature offset in CONFIGURE / ADVANCED)
- fixed crash on several DFI motherboards
- fixed the detection of older revisions of the ITE IT8705F
- restored the correct clock speed after resume from hibernation
- rewritten the logic of the usage of a synchronizer in the thread that reads CPU usage (this will fix the SpeedFan not exiting issue)
- address $2E on DFI motherboards is no longer scanned if the motherboard model starts with LP. If you have one of these models and you know that there should be a valid chip at that address, send me a SEND REPORT (INFO tab) with some NOTES
- fixed ADT7475 temperature readings when in offset 64 mode
- fixed a bug when changing the type of data to be charted
- mails sent by SpeedFan now properly separate headers and the body with a blank line
- fixed an issue with SUN 2864 motherboard====

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