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SnagIt 5.1.1

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SnagIt 5.1.1  Girişi değiştir

  • Increased the default audio quality to 22,050Hz 16-bit mono.
  • Fixed problems with some audio cards/drivers, where pausing video capture and then resuming resulted in no audio, or garbled audio.
  • Fixed problems capturing a cursor when an application (e.g. AutoCAD over a CAD drawing) has hidden the Windows cursor.
  • Fixed a problem when saving to a GIF files with a color depth less than 8bits. The image would appear dithered.
  • Changed Snagit so that launching Studio from the Snagit preview window doesn't overwrite the clipboard information.
  • Changed the default video mode input to 320x240.
  • Fixed a problem with Auto scroll taking a long time on Web pages that contain a huge number of objects.
  • Fixed a problem with Object capture not immediately responding to cancel capture request, this problem occurred on pages with a large number of objects.
  • Changed Snagit to detect capture hotkey conflicts between different profiles.
  • Fixed a NT related problem which could lead to program and system failures, when certain applications were running during the text capture.
  • Fixed a problem on 95/98/Me platforms. When capturing text from menus, list boxes or combo boxes, the text was captured backward.
  • Fixed a problem where Snagit's Catalog Browser could take a very long time to open text files that actually contained binary data.

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