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Samurize 1.64.2

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Samurize 1.64.2  Girişi değiştir

- fixed bug with Alphas on Vertical scrolling
- fixed bug with Shadow horizontal placement on vertical scrolling
- fixed bug with meterlist if no default group exists
- fixed checking for group names (Group names cannot be blank)
- fixed two bugs with Meter Maths (String concatation problems)
- fixed bug with Meter Maths displaying incorrect results with strings and numbers
(if a meter returns a string value it will be assumed 0 if in numeric mode)
- fixed bug with Timezones
- fixed bug with Fullscreen app mode and Notetaker plugin
- fixed bug with the client going off screen if client crashes or the config does not exist.
- fixed Alpha Blending bug with meter grids
- fixed bug with Meter Alerts and Histograms when playing sounds
- fixed bug in input controls calling plugins too often causing crashes of the plugin
- fixed bug in Meter Maths String that did not allow static text
- fixed bug with Meter Maths always defaulting to Numeric when editing
- fixed compatiblity bug with Foobar v0.9.x and samurize built-in Foobar Meter
- fixed problem with %b being returned at the end of value strings and meter linkage strings
- fixed bug when Gradient (ProgressBar) is selected end color is now disabled
- fixed bug with Groups in MeterList when changing Sort Order and moving Meters, groups are
now always listed in alphabetical order.
- fixed bug with apply all fonts not setting the text shadow
- fixed bug causing "Error: Failed to get data for 'index'" on startup of samurize

- Meters and groups can only use the following Characterset a-z A-Z 0-9 _ space.
- If Meter Grids X or Y is set to 0 then no lines will be drawn
- Import/Export Wizard is now part of the Config Editor - Please give this a try, we have covered a far amount, but there might still be errors we have missed
- New commandline parameters - positiony and positionx
- Updated all the xml parameters and DTD to being correct plus fixed a couple of bugs in the xml

New Features:
- Enabled a disable of logging for remote meters

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