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Picasa 3.9 Build 136.2 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings.

Picasa 3.9 Build 136.2  Girişi değiştir

* Fixed various crashes.
* Nametag deletes are now sync'd with online.
* Sync no longer deletes online photos without asking.
* Faster uploads.
* Fixed uploading jpeg files with large color profiles.
* Allow delete of Google+ contacts that are removed from circles.
* Added option to turn of email notification when sharing to Google+.
* Added Raw support for ten more cameras and Lightroom 4 DNGs.
- Canon Powershot S100
- Fujifilm X10
- Nikon 1
- Panasonic DMC-FZ4
- Leica V-Lux 3
- Panasonic DMC-GX1
- Samsung NX200
- Samsung NX
- Sony NEX-7
- Casio EX-Z500
* Fixed emailing to a Gmail group.

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