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Paint Shop Pro 11.11

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Product Improvements for Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo 11.11

- The display of EXIF information has been improved.
- The Organizer has been improved, as follows:
---- If you edit a saved search, your original search is not overwritten; you can press the Save button to record your changes.
---- Captions and star ratings are supported for video clips as well as for photos.
---- You can easily select multiple images in the Organizer by dragging.
---- Performance has been enhanced for thumbnail creation and display.
---- The Organizer displays the number of photos shown as well as the total number of cataloged photos.
---- The Organizer opens to the folder that was last viewed, rather than to All Photos.
---- By default, images in the Organizer are sorted chronologically by date taken.
---- Tags can be added to movie files.
---- Performance of the Organizer has been improved.
- The print quality of contact sheets has been improved.
- Depth of Field now works correctly on 16-bit-per-pixel images.
- Dragging a file from the Organizer onto an existing document adds the file as a new layer.
- In Korean, the input method editor (IME) no longer switches to English.
- Using the Close All Files dialog box no longer causes the application to crash.
- Guides no longer reappear after you turn them off.
- Quick Review has been improved, as follows:
---- Captions are viewable in Quick Review mode.
---- When using Quick Review, you can delete the last item viewed.
---- All file types are supported when you e-mail a Snapfire Show in Quick Review mode. All files that can be viewed in Quick Review can also be e-mailed.
---- Quick Review settings remain active across sessions.
---- The Share As E-mail option opens an e-mail message with a blank space above the graphic.
- The context menu items on the History Palette have been restored.
- Thumbnails no longer become mismatched with the image files after you edit the images with other programs.
- While the application is being launched, it no longer appears to hang when the message "Updating Cache Settings" appears.
- Improvements have been made to simplify the Join icons when you work with the Pen tool or vector objects.
- IPTC information is displayed correctly for images in camera raw formats.
- EXIF data is preserved when images are duplicated (by using either Window > Duplicate or Shift + D).
- Performance improvements have been made throughout the application.
- Quality improvements have been made to images imported in camera raw formats.
- Images in 16-bit-per-pixel mode are saved correctly in format.
- The batch process can be used to convert camera raw files.
- The batch process works correctly for files selected in the Organizer or Photo Tray.
- The Depth of Field "area of focus" selection is retained between uses.
- When the Straighten or Perspective Correction tool is used on an image, the image is automatically cropped when the Crop Image option is selected.
- New match modes have been added to the Magic Wand and Flood Fill tools. The supported match modes are described in the following table.
- Transparency issue related to copying and pasting files with transparency to Animation Shop has been corrected.
- Saving transparency with .png optimizer has been corrected.

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