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Paint.NET 2.1

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Paint.NET 2.1 5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings.

Paint.NET 2.1  Girişi değiştir

  • Many bug fixes and miscellaneous user interface tweaks.
  • Installation via Group Policy is now supported.
  • Rendering quality, usage, and performance of selections is improved.
  • Much better performance all around.
  • Magic Wand selection tool.
  • Ellipse/circle selection tool.
  • PNG transparency is now supported.
  • GIF save quality significantly improved.
  • JPEG quality selector and preview, and file size preview.
  • Upgraded PDN file format to support very large images.
  • Thumbnails are now shown for .PDN files in Windows Explorer.
  • Much higher quality rendering when zooming out.
  • Background layer is no longer "locked".
  • EXIF data is now preserved for supporting file formats.
  • Lower memory usage. History items are now saved to disk instead of completely stored in memory.
  • Better Tablet PC support. Also, Ink isn't used unless you have a Tablet PC; this has increased compatibility and performance on regular systems.
  • Ability to resize image based on a percentage.
  • Brand new image resampling routines for Image->Resize menu item (no more transparent borders).
  • No more flickering in the UI.
  • More optimizations for multiprocessor and multicore systems.
  • Startup time is greatly reduced.

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