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MyDefrag 3.33

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MyDefrag 3.33  Girişi değiştir

- Fixed a bug in the Windows version that for some users caused the display of
the diskmap to get stuck.
- Fixed a bug in the forced-fill optimization that caused the program to skip
fragments that were left by filling a gap with a part of the fragment.
- If the volumename of a disk cannot be determined then the program will now
fallback to using the mountpoint of a volume to open a handle.
- If the user specifies a short input mask without a wildcard, for example \"C:\"
or \"C:\\\", then the input mask is rewritten as \"C:\\*\".
- Fixed a bug where the special \"DisableDefaults\" spacehogs mask only disabled
the masks, but not the \"Files bigger than 50 megabytes\"\" and \"Files not
accessed in the last month\" criteria.
- Bundled some language-specific SpaceHogs masks into
\"?:\\\\*\\\\Installshield Installation Information\\\\*\".
- Moved the \"Volume ID\" message for FAT disks from debug level zero to 6.

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