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MusicMatch Jukebox 6.0  Girişi değiştir

MusicMatch Radio
  • Considers personal listening habits and those of like-minded MusicMatch community members when creating your playlist.
  • Share your favorite MusicMatch Radio stations with friends.
  • Create Artist Match stations based on music from your favorite artist
  • Select a mix of your favorite music genres to make customized stations with Station Match
  • View online artist and song information while listening with the MusicMatch Music Guide
  • Know what was played via the always-saved playlist history
  • Skip to the next song in the radio playlist
  • High-quality listening experience
  • 18 professionally programmed, popular-genre stations
  • Avoid drop-outs during songs and gaps between songs with proprietary buffering technology
  • Listen to high-quality audio with high-speed internet connections
New Look and Feel
  • Control your music with the new, easier-to-use, sleeker, and more powerful user interface.
  • Access key areas quickly with the easy-to-access new tab design including My Library, Radio Stations, Music Guide and Now Playing.
  • Get help when needed with easy-to-understand Help files, Getting Started Guide and our Tip of the Day for quick hints and tips.
Enhanced Music Experience
  • Experience true high fidelity audio from your MusicMatch Jukebox with DFX plug-in
  • Get music recommendations, charts, free downloads and what\'s new in the world of music with the redesigned Music Guide.
  • Customize the look and feel of your MusicMatch Jukebox with new skins and visualizations.
  • Integrate album cover art into your desktop with MusicMatch Wallpaper (Plus version only).
  • Add cover art, lyrics, notes, bios and other info to your music with powerful new song tagging controls.
  • Scroll through visualizations, videos and cover art at the touch of a button with the new Media Window design.

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