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  • Recently Fixed Bugs: The open attachment dialog has had several improvements made to it including a fix for a common 0.2 problem where the "Open With" option was disabled when trying to open an attachment.
  • You can place your signature at the top of a message reply if your reply text is configured to be at the top of the message.
  • POP accounts can be configured to remove read messages from the server after X days.
  • Reading a news article with a background image no longer pegs the CPU at 100%
  • Windows and Linux versions properly handle binhex encoded mail attachments.
  • POP accounts no longer leave mail on the server by default. To change this, go to Tools / Account Settings / Server Settings.
  • Performance Improvements: IMAP has received a huge performance boost and is several times faster than 0.2
  • Improved Stability and Polish: This release is based on the Mozilla App-Suite 1.5 final branch and includes all of the stability work that went into Mozilla 1.5.

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