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Miro 2.0.2

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Miro 2.0.2  Girişi değiştir

* Bug fixes
o #11385 FIXED support for both libtorrent 0.13 and 0.14
o #11413 FIXED single quote and double quote translation into Miro 2.0
o #11423 FIXED Delete unused icon cache files
o #11430 FIXED ValueError?: Multiple default guides!
o #11432 FIXED EOFError loading config
o #11456 FIXED 'Show More' crashes with UnicodeDecodeError?
o #11460 FIXED Non-UTF8 locales break things
o #11477 FIXED Miro shows no videos in a specific invalid feed
o #11478 FIXED TypeError?: 'NoneType?' object is unsubscriptable
o #11479 FIXED AttributeError?: 'AppController?' object has no attribute 'pausedDownloaders'
o #11474 FIXED Can't process cookie expiration. Thanks Uwe!
o #11022 FIXED "File name:" string is bold. Thanks Zach!
o #11245 FIXED OPML import/export issues with non-ascii filenames
o #11525 FIXED migrating folders with non-ascii characters
o #11527 FIXED watched directories with non-ascii characters
o #11528 FIXED playback fails for items in directories with non-ascii characters
o #11544 FIXED handling for site type in subscriptions
o #11546 FIXED pause all does not pause queued downloads
o #11435 FIXED re-worked xine driver code so that it respects xine-driver property
o #11522 FIXED error loading windll.winhttp
o #11539 FIXED OSX crash when migrating to directory with non-ascii characters
o #11557 FIXED non-ascii directory names are not displayed properly in Folder panel of preferences
o #11575 FIXED non-ascii movies dir - startup check dir name mangled
o #11554 FIXED first time startup search, non-ascii directory
o #11560 FIXED crash when updated torrent that is in a folder with other files
o #11568 FIXED Miro_Downloader Crashes on Launch
o #11588 FIXED gstreamerrenderer passes "python" as executable for gst_extractor -- now uses sys.executable

* Updates
o updated translations synced from LaunchPad? on 3/04/2009
o #11516 Updated to libtorrent 0.14.2

* New Features
o #11518 NEW Added search support. Thanks Uwe!
o #11461 NEW Added search support. Thanks Uwe!
o #3858 NEW Added EveryZing? search support. Thanks Uwe!
o #11458 NEW Added url scraping support. Thanks Uwe!

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