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# New:
* Support added in Windows PE for Intel Smart Response Technology (SRT)
- The auto-built Windows PE rescue environment now includes driver support for Intel SRT enabled PC's. If your PC hardware has this functionality available and installed then please re-build your Windows PE media to add the SRT drivers automatically.
* Show drive letter for bootable USB Flash media
- The flash media creation option in the Windows PE media creation wizard now shows the assigned drive letter as well as the USB flash drive description.
* Verification time is now included in the log total backup time
- Image and backup total time now includes the file verification time.
* Increased the number of local drives scanned at start-up
- A total of up to 70 locally attached disks are now scanned at start-up.
* Improved the compatibility check for Flash drives when creating rescue media.
- Reflect is now compatible with a wider range of flash drives for creating bootable rescue media.
* Disk size calculation
- The size of the restore or clone target disk is now more accurately calculated. Previously the length of the disk may have been incorrect by a few sectors.
* Partition alignment changes
- When dragging and dropping partitions during a restore or clone operation, the end alignment of the restored partition is now preserved regardless of the alignment correctness of the source partition. Previously the end position was recalculated, however, this led to some confusion.
# Bug fixes:
* Time remaining bug for FAT32 images
- Fixed progress bar time and transfer rate when backing up FAT32 partitions.
* Crash when pausing during image verification
- A program error could occur if the backup dialog was 'Paused' during the verification process. This has been resolved.
* Window 8 crash when mounting File and Folder backups over a network
- Windows 8 and Server 2012 could crash when mounting a File and Folder backup or FAT32 image if the image file was located on a network share. This has been resolved.
* Boot menu error for Windows XP/Server 2003
- The error "Unable to create temporary store" could be generated when adding the boot menu to XP and Server 2003 systems. If you have seen this issue then please rebuild your rescue media after updating.
* Email defaults not saved.
- The default Email SMTP server user name and/or password could fail to be saved to the system registry. This has been resolved.
* Windows PE load error
- Windows PE crash on start-up if too many drivers were included in the 'Drivers' folder. This has been resolved.
* Disk cloning 'Verify file system'
- Disk cloning would ignore the 'Verify file system' option in the Advanced clone properties. This has been resolved.
* Defaults password error
- Bug fixed in the defaults dialog that prevented the pages being changed if the scheduled user password wasn't set.
* Crash when loading unmounted BitLocker encrypted partitions
- A start-up crash could occur if an unmounted BitLocker encrypted disk was attached. This has been resolved.

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