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# Bugs Fixed :
- be more careful in recognizing MathML
- wait for InternalIPC::ProcessingDone in oosplash
- spellcheck context menu contains too few variants
- CRASH hovering over Menu "File > Send" if no JRE is available and MediaWiki Publisher installed
- format ordinal number suffix not auto-correcting
- FILEOPEN - ReportBuilder: existing report with .JPG
- CRASH at startup citing msvcr90.dll after upgrade (most likely related to javasettings_Windows_x86.xml in the user profile)
- DisposedException: EOF reached
- UI: Header/footer prompts should only appear if user clicks in header/footer area
- CRASH when browse to HD root directory in FILEOPEN Template dialog
- EDITING: Paste and Paste Special not available for horizontally adjacent cells to vertical cell selection
- Calc 3.5 Cannot Filter Date/Time Fields from Data Sources
- SPELL The English word "usability" requires the indefinite article "a", not "an"
- Libreoffice Grammar Check returns, "bad article," incorrectly
- Error in rendering of rtf files generated by Crystal Report engine which were previously OK in LibO 3.4.
- [Task] Many crashes when accessibility enabled on MacOS X
- FILEOPEN pptx arrows are shifted to the left
- Problem with RTF documents created using Oracle Report
- Calc FILEOPEN: Regex option in database range filters not saved.
- Ctrl-Tab no longer passes to next Auto input values
- FORMATTING: row height not preserved after FILESAVE and reopen
- FILEOPEN for multiple documents fails from built-in File Dialog
- Writer FORMATTING: During Find&Replace operation wrong part of text becomes selected
- Don't default to desktop pollution
- LibreOffice says that Java runtime JRE 1.7 on Windows is defective
- The "Target in document" window displays hundreds of nonsensical items in bookmarks
- FILEOPEN particular .HTML: 1 twip double borders lossage
- FILEOPEN particular .xlsm: Formula with link to external contents missing if target sheet name contains space
- FILEOPEN: Imported RTF file is incorrect, table in document is corrupt
- shlxthdl_x64.dll/shlxthdl.dll causes Windows Explorer to CRASH repeatedly when Flat ODF file is in view
- Year and Day of date interchanged after input
- [Task] EDITING: Incomplete Date values are no longer detected
- Translations errors should not break the build
- [DE] EDITING: Allow truncated date inputs from numeric keyboard
- EDITING: CRASH when Copy+Paste row with conditional formatting to other sheet and back to inserted row
- UI: FILESAVE as Text (encoded) should offer .txt as file type and name extension
- REPORT BUILDER UI: Unlink picture action in Image control file dialog without effect
- Large UserInstallation's user/extensions/bundled/ tree
- DOCX filter loses shape containing text
- FILEOPEN error reading “Content (TOC)” from a DOCX
- FILEOPEN particular .ods from LibO 3.0.0 shows grouped form fields at wrong horizontal position
- UI: CRASH when edit LibO File Dialog Path Pane
- Segmentation fault from psp::PrintFontManager::analyzeTrueTypeFile with Aquabase-spanish-support
- : FILE SAVE AS: Can not edit read-only file after SAVE AS
- FILEOPEN "CSV" import not correctly recognizing space and text field delimiters, i.e. web log file
- CRASH - using search function in built-in help causes crash
- LO 3.6 crashes when saving complex ods as xls
- Crash cutting or dragging block
- Word count inconsistent and wrong with non-breaking space
- Calc crashes when opening this .xlsb
- shlxthdl_x64.dll/shlxthdl.dll causes Windows Explorer to CRASH when corrupted ODF file is in view
- CRASH - Form based on query with calculated field crashes Base
- Open document file preview will block windows explorer for several seconds everytime a document is selected
- FILEOPEN Mouse cursor over Base Icon in XP causes Explorer crash
- PIVOTTABLE from Datasource (Base, Query) shows wrong results
- : Install 3.6.1 RC 1 on 3.6.0 RC4, causes crash on startup
- CRASH: trying to open Lotus 123 files causes LO to crash
- CRASH when insert row in particular document
- CRASH - opening database report
- filter *always* treats string literals as LIKE patterns
- gbuildified connectivity does not rebuild enough after sqlbison.y modified
- PIVOTTABLE: incorrect aggregation of values (worked in
- EDITING: CRASH when updating a pivot table if source database not available
- LO does not start; unable to remove file from bundled extensions cache
- EDITING: SIGABRT on Sort Selection by Column
- Crash on Command-D on Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8
- FILEOPEN: specific XLS (Office 2003) file crashes LibO 3.6
- Evolution address book datasource inactive
- debug build crashy (failed assertion) when typing text; icu 4.4.X, locale-specific ordinal autocorrect. Esp notable with fr_LU
- PDF A/1-a export broken: forbidden ICC profile version
- Writer EDITING: CRASH when merging cells in table [backtrace with symbols attached]
- FILEOPEN shows all charts anchored to page moved at the top left corner of the sheet
- Some basic opcodes are ignored
- In VBA mode ActiveDocument is not tracking currently selected document
- vcl: crash parsing (broken) Aquabase-spanish-support.ttf
- When hovered over a footnote reference in the text, footnotes appear in one line regardless of the length of footnote
- Leave / return cursor to original position after Find & Replace All

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