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IrfanView 2.80

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IrfanView 2.80  Girişi değiştir

  • New !!! The toolbar is now available :-)
  • Support for MPEG/MOV files (MS Active Movie is required !)
  • Support for Adobe Photoshop files (*.PSD)
  • Support for Corel PhotoPaint 6.0 files (*.CPT) ... this is a TIFF ;-)
  • New edit options: CUT/CROP (select a portion of image with the left mouse button)
  • Now you can cut or copy portions of an image :-)
  • New: The ONE-Step UNDO option is available (see next line)
  • New option in 'Properties->Others': "Use UNDO option" (deafult is OFF to save memory)
  • Undo is available for following changes:
  • Resize/Resample, Increase/Decrease color depth, Convert to grayscale, Negative, Brightness, Contrast,
  • Gamma correction, Cut
  • New options in 'Properties->Extensions' (Set Icon, Other extensions)
  • New option in 'Properties->Others': "Create desktop link for IrfanView32"
  • The zoom step is now always 10 % (10 % till 1000 %)

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