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Google Earth (Beta)  Girişi değiştir

In Google Earth Pro:

  • Google Earth Pro has improved support for printing from the client. Changes include a legend with a North indicator and scale, controls for print/paper size, and improved performance.
  • Google Earth Pro has improved the experience of making movies by simplifying the user interface and improving performance in certain configurations.
  • Importing data files in Google Earth Pro is now easier with the ability to edit shared balloon style for folders and to increase the import categorization limit from 8 to 64.
  • Google Earth Pro now allows you to view an elevation profile while measuring.

In Google Earth (Consumer and Pro version):

  • Improved the robustness of network access by providing better support for Proxy and SSL certs. This will fix issues users have experienced of not being able to see balloon content or embedded browser content.
  • Improved the resolution seen in elevation profiles for lines and tracks.
  • Added the ability to sort “My Places,” and improved the user interface to be able find points across my places.
  • There were several improvements to Street View in Google Earth. We added the ability to zoom into a Street View photo by using a zoom slider. Streetview in Earth feels more immersive now due to wider field of view. It is now faster and smoother to use. We made several small tweaks to the user interface including adding a way to navigate floors when you are indoors and there are multiple floors available in Street View.
  • Fixed bugs related to missing road labels in cases where roads were curvy or zoomed into.

In Google Earth API for browser plugins:

  • Added API for working with tours.

Fixed bugs or minor changes:

  • Several performance improvements that would allow smoother experience in specific computer configurations.
  • Fixed 'Restrict to View' functionality during a shapefile import in Google Earth Pro.
  • Fixed an issue where Google Earth would sometimes save incorrect ordering of elements in KML.
  • Added field of view recording to tours and ability to play back those changes.
  • Fixed an issue where the icon heading did not work in Google Earth API.
  • Changes to reduce occurrences of missing desktop icon and shortcut menu items on an update.
  • Sped up overlay polygon rendering in OpenGL mode.
  • Fixed loading of kmz files when the first file at the root level was image file.
  • Upgraded GDAL support to 1.7.0 and fixed issues with importing .tab files in Google Earth Pro.
  • Fixed the discrepancy caused in measurements due to multiple radii of Earth used inside Google Earth.
  • Fixed an issue where placemarks created with UTM coordinates did not move when edited.
  • Fixed an issue when screen overlays disappeared in a print-out.

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