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- Added 'Maximize' option to display resize menu
- Added ¡®Fit to full screen¡¯ options under Preferences(F5)>¡¯Playback¡¯ Menus>¡¯Playback¡¯ Tab>¡¯Default screen size when playing¡¯
- Enhanced subtitle¡¯s quality in ¡®VMR-Renderless¡¯ mode
- Updated blocking filter lists
- Linked to mts, m2ts, m2t extensions
- Selections available in the default linked programs list
- ASX 3.0 StartTime, Duration options applied to playlists.
- Fixed an issue with afterimages on the player skin
- Fixed an issue with not working function of extension connect/disconnect
- Fixed mouse inputting errors in ¡®VMR-Renderless¡¯ mode while DVD playing
- Fixed codepage recognizing error of some subtitle files
- Fixed an issue that some WMV files are not connected with built-in source filter
- Changed 'Random Play' function to 'Shuffle Play' function
- Enhanced functions which adjust & save subtitle syncs
Add Gretech MP3 source filter
- Modified source filter of FLV local files
Modified source filter of MPEG local files
- Modified source filter of MP4 local files
- Etc.

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